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Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12/01/2019 Picks, Odds and Predictions

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12-01-2019 Picks Odds and Predictions

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12/01/2019 – The Cleveland Browns (5-6) are charging against the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5). Best USA betting sites are now going over their previous match numbers to determine who has the advantage. The probability of winning is always in flux in the NFL, and sometimes a team manages to defy the odds!

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12/01/2019

When: Sunday, December 01, 1:00 PM ET
Where: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stream: SofaScore

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12/01/2019

Browns +3 (-120) 38.5 o (-111) +128
Steelers -3 (+100) 38.5 u (-111) -159
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Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns last danced versus the Miami Dolphins and clinched a hard-earned victory. It was a classic NFL shootout with an endgame score of 41-24. QB Baker Mayfield was a primal force with 24/34 and 327 air yards. He successfully threw in 3 TDs and an interception. Nick Chubb was in maximum rush mode, carrying the ball 21 times for 106 yards. He was able to score 1 rushing TD. Jarvis Landry was the reception leader, adding in 148 yards thanks to 10 catches.

The Browns were in top condition. They rushed for 32 out of 67 plays. This is a good showing, especially since the Browns have only recently begun to explore their rush tactics. The Browns accumulated 30 first down minus 7 penalties. In the tale of the tape, they racked up 467 yards as compared to their opponent’s 284. The yardage gain corresponds with the result of the game. With the Browns dominating the field, their opponents weren’t able to gain a significant foothold on the territory.

The Browns doubtlessly pumped out one of their best games this season during their previous matchup. Despite this, however, they still need to improve their overall scoring ability, which has been ranked as one of the lowest in the NFL. They need to maintain their chokehold defense as well since that has served them to great effect in all their wins.

Players to watch:

B. Mayfield QB 11 GP 226 CMP 375 ATT 60.3 CMP% 2721 YDS 7.3 AVG 254.8 YDS/G 89 LNG 14 TD 13 INT 27 SACK 211 SYL 47.8 QBR 80.5 RTG 11 GP 17 ATT 82 YDS 4.8 AVG 18 LNG 0 BIG 2 TDS 7.5 YDS/G 2 FUM 0 LST 8 FD N. Chubb RB 11 GP 222 ATT 1117 YDS 5 AVG 88 LNG 8 BIG 7 TDS 101.5 YDS/G 2 FUM 2 LST 43 FD               K. Hunt RB 3 GP 18 ATT 79 YDS 4.4 AVG 9 LNG 0 BIG 1 TDS 26.3 YDS/G 1 FUM 0 LST 5 FD J. Landry WR 11 GP 59 REC 97 TGTS 843 YDS 14.3 AVG 5 TD 65 LNG 15 BIG 76.6 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 316 YAC 42 FD O. Beckham Jr. WR 11 GP 54 REC 97 TGTS 776 YDS 14.4 AVG 2 TD 89 LNG 11 BIG 70.5 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 281 YAC 31 FD

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers bit the bullet against the Cincinnati Bengals and ruled the latter with a 16-10 endgame score. QB Devlin Hodges was all business, going 5/11 with 118 air yards. He connected a thrown TD. Benny Snell Jr. was the leader of the rush, with 21 carries pegged at 98 yards. James Washington was the go-to receiving guy, catching the ball 3 times for another 98 yards.

The Steelers dominated the tale of the tape. The team placed their stake on a 339-yardage gain as compared to their opponent’s mere 244 yards. The Steelers implemented 16 first-downs, but these were marred by a large number of penalties. The Steelers’ 10 penalties cost them 76 yards. In terms of defense, the Steelers can brag that they shut down the opponent to only 46% throw completion rate. However, the opponent managed to even the score with 21 rush attempts.

The Steelers were only able to pull away from their opponent due to superior territory control. They have to be consistent in order to hand over a loss to any of their remaining opponents for this season. It’s easier said than done.

Players to watch:

M. Rudolph QB (9 GP 162 CMP 263 ATT 61.6 CMP% 1636 YDS 6.2 AVG 186.6 YDS/G 76 LNG 12 TD 9 INT 14 SACK 115 SYL 32.9 QBR 80.3 RTG), J. Conner RB (8 GP 102 ATT 390 YDS 3.8 AVG 25 LNG 2 BIG 4 TDS 48.8 YDS/G 1 FUM 1 LST 21 FD B. Snell Jr. RB 8 GP 49 ATT 216 YDS 4.4 AVG 23 LNG 3 BIG 0 TDS 27 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 11 FD), J. Smith-Schuster WR (10 GP 38 REC 60 TGTS 524 YDS 13.8 AVG 3 TD 76 LNG 7 BIG 52.4 YDS/G 1 FUM 1 LST 218 YAC 20 FD), J. Washington WR (10 GP 26 REC 50 TGTS 467 YDS 18 AVG 2 TD 79 LNG 8 BIG 46.7 YDS/G 1 FUM 1 LST 160 YAC 21 FD).

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Numbers


Cleveland Browns

Cleveland is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games against Pittsburgh.
Browns are 3-15-1 SU in their last 19 games against Pittsburgh.
Cleveland is 4-16 SU in their last 20 games on the road.
Cleveland is 0-10 SU in their last 10 games when playing on the road against Pittsburgh.
Browns are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games against an opponent in the AFC North division.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The total has gone UNDER in 5 of Pittsburgh’s last 6 games.
Steelers are 5-1 SU in their last 6 games.
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Pittsburgh’s last 6 games against Cleveland.
Pittsburgh is 4-1 SU in their last 5 games at home.
Steelers are 10-0 SU in their last 10 games when playing at home against Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Picks

Online betting sites USA has determined a Pittsburgh win. The predicted score is 17.4 versus 23.6. The winning score will cover the spread, with a total going over.