Chiefs-Steelers Outcome Should Affect Playoff Conversation

Posted by: Mike Davis
Sunday Night Football Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The AFC West and the AFC North are both led by an undefeated team; the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens respectively. Behind both of those teams are the Kansas City Chiefs in the West, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the North. Both the Chiefs and the Steelers are sitting at 2-1, and will be squaring up against each other this weekend. The result of Sunday’s contest will indubitably affect the online football betting playoff conversation, so you can be certain that both teams will be putting their best foot forward. Last year both Kansas City and Pittsburgh qualified for the postseason, although they had to do so by clinching a Wild Card. Considering that the Chiefs and the Steelers were the ones to snag up the two Wild Card spots in the AFC last year, and that both the Steelers and the Chiefs are in second place in their division, fans can begin to see exactly why this game will have heavy playoff implications down the road. For that exact reason this game has been scheduled for Week 4’s Sunday Night Football slot, and should give fans a contest that is reminiscent of the type you would see in the playoffs. With such heavy stakes on the line, which team is getting pegged as the favorite across the best football betting sites?

Week 4 – Sunday the 2nd of October

Chiefs +4½ (-110) 47 (-110) +176
Steelers -4½ (-110) 47 (-110) -206

Despite the fact that the Steelers are coming off a nasty loss to their Pennsylvanian brethren the online football betting odds are still pegging them as the favorites. Last Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles invited the Steelers to their home and proved to Pittsburgh exactly who the best team in the Keystone State is. Big Ben might be the one with the Super Bowl ring, but Carson Wentz was the one playing like he could be the one hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of the year. The Eagles were flying high but the Steelers were unable to get anything going. Roethlisberger would finish the day with a 62.4 passer rating after only completing 24/44 passes, 0 touchdowns, and 1 interception. The running game wasn’t much help for Roethlisberger either; the Steelers would finish with only 29 yards on the ground. Pittsburgh is certainly coming into Sunday night’s contest like a dog with its tail between its legs, but the Chief will be coming in with their heads held high.

In Week 3 the Chiefs faced the New York Jets and just like the online football betting odds predicted, Kansas City came out on top. What no one could’ve predicted was the Chiefs defense picking off Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 times. Some of the interceptions were clearly Fitzpatrick’s fault, others were a result of the pure athleticism the Chiefs have on defense. Regardless of where the blame lies, I would highly suggest watching the highlight of that contest. After all, the only other time you’ll get to watch an NFL team throw pick after pick is when you let your younger brother play Madden with you.

Heading into Sunday night’s matchup the Steelers are averaging 21.7 while the Chiefs are only giving up 16.3 Offensively Kansas City is gaining an average of 23.0 points per game, while the Steelers are giving up 22.0. The Steelers have better numbers on offense but if the Chiefs are able to pick off Roethlisberger the way they did Fitzpatrick, then the Chiefs should have no problem upsetting the Steelers.