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Can the Vikings Stop 2 Potential MVPs?

Once hailed as the champions of the NFC North, the Minnesota Vikings are now, like many other teams, desperately vying to keep their playoff hopes alive. At the start of the season, football sportsbooks weren’t too fond of the Vikings, despite the fact that Minnesota was the reigning champion in the North. But the way the Vikings started the season left the football odds no other choice but to start giving Minnesota the respect they deserved. However, that respect would be short lived and following one of the most impressive win-streaks of the season, Minnesota would put on a losing-streak that would culminate in the Detroit Lions earning the #1 spot in the NFC North. There’s still enough football left in the season for the Vikings to mount a comeback and take back what they once seemed destined for. Unfortunately, Minnesota may face its toughest challenge yet in Week 13.

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Thursday, December 1st 

Minnesota Vikings +3 (+105) 43½ (-110
Dallas Cowboys -3 (-125) 43½ (-110)

Even though it should come as no surprise to see the online NFL betting odds favor the Cowboys, a 3-point favorite on the spread line seems more like a snuff than anything else. The Dallas Cowboys are without a question the best team in the NFC. The only other team that could truly compete for that title with Dallas are the Seattle Seahawks and their loss to the Buccaneers this past weekend should put things into perspective. Behind the biggest line in the NFL, the Cowboys have produced two of the biggest rookie sensations that we’ve seen in, well ever. Drafting a rookie that is in contention for the Rookie of the Year award is an uplifting thing, but having two is a promise that your team will be enjoying loads of success in the coming years.

Unfortunately, as online NFL betting fans know is all too common in the NFL, Elliot’s rookie year comes with a stain. Before the season started Elliot had been on the receiving end of domestic abuse accusations. Even though charges were never pressed, the league is still investigating to see if Elliot violated any policies. Domestic abuse runs rampant in the NFL, just think back to the journal that unearthed John Brown as a vehement abuser. The accusations made against Elliot should be taken seriously and the league needs to demonstrate that domestic abuse is not to be tolerated, no matter who you are.

Not only are Elliot and Prescott in contention for the ROY award, either one could very well win the MVP. With just two interceptions for the season, Prescott has an unbelievable passer rating of 108.6. On the other hand, Elliot has already rushed for 1,200 yards. Minnesota has a solid defense, but it’s hard to imagine them successfully stopping the two best talents in the NFC. After all, those two are online NFL betting favorites to take home two of the most prestigious awards the league hands out.