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Can the Packers Run the Table?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Packers vs Texans NFL Week 13 Betting

The Green Bay Packers have come a long way from being the sportsbook NFL odds favorite to win the Super Bowl. After a tumultuous season that was filled with one disappointing loss after another, the Packers found themselves all but out of the playoff discussion. But even though the NFL online betting odds were ruling the Packers out, Green Bay’s players did not lose hope themselves. Specifically Aaron Rodgers, who said the Packers were more than capable of running the table on their remaining schedule and clinching a playoff berth. Even though it seemed impossible, the Packers came one step closer to accomplishing this goal last Monday night when they beat the Eagles 27-13. However, the Packers need to win the remaining 5 games of the season to put themselves in a good position to qualify for the postseason. Unfortunately for Green Bay, the team’s they are facing are in no way, shape, or form mediocre. In Week 13 they’ll have to face off against the leaders of the AFC South, the Houston Texans. Let’s see what kind of odds the Packers are facing in their next contest.

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Sunday, December 4th 

Green Bay Packers -6 (-105) 45½ (-110)
Houston Texans +6 (-115) 45½ (-110)

It’s not too often that the football odds side with the team with the losing record, but if Rodgers can play the same way against the Texans as he did against the Eagles, then there’s no way the Packers won’t come out on top. Houston may have the 5th best pass defense in the NFL, but their defensive backs are not exactly ball-hawks. The Texans only have 6 interceptions for the season and they’ll be coming into Sunday’s contest with a -9 turnover ratio. The Packers have a -5 turnover ratio, but since Rodgers only has 7 interceptions for the season it’s safe to assume that most of those turnovers have been a combination of fumbles and muffed punts. If Green Bay can win the turnover ratio this Sunday, like they did against the Eagles, then online NFL betting fans should expect the Packers to come away with this one.

Ultimately it will be up to Brock Osweiler to lead this team to victory. Houston’s defense is forbidding enough to be able to stop the Packers’ on several possessions; they have the 5th best passing defense, 19th best rushing defense, and 5th best total defense. However, at the end of the day, my money is going to be on Rodgers instead of the overpaid bust. Thanks to Osweiler’s pitiable 72.2 passer rating, the Texans have the 31st worst passing offense in the league. The Texans have been winning games primarily because of their running game and their defense. With 13 interceptions to just 12 touchdowns, Osweiler might be what ultimately loses the game for the Texans this Sunday. Bottom line, fans should trust the online NFL betting odds on this one.