Can Oakland Bounce Back Despite Terrible D?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Oakland Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 23/10/2016

Week in and week out the Oakland Raiders were surprising the entire online NFL betting community. After going 7-9 in 2015, Oakland’s fans didn’t have terribly high expectations for this season. But the Raiders proved that surprises can come from anywhere and started this season by upsetting several teams. Heading into Week 6 the Raiders found themselves at 4-1 and facing a perfect opportunity to take the lead in the AFC West. Unfortunately, the Raiders failed to capitalize on this opportunity and ended up losing to their divisional rival, the Kansas City Chiefs, 26-10. Fortunately for the Raiders, the Broncos – the only team currently contending with the Raiders for the lead in the West – also lost to their Week 6 opponent, so the Raiders haven’t surrendered the lead in the division just yet. But with the Raiders and Broncos both tied at 4-2 atop the AFC West, the pressure will once again be on the Raiders to start pulling away from the Broncos. In Week 7 the Raiders will be squaring off against the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team coming off their second consecutive win of the season. Will most football betting sites predict a Jaguars upset? Or will they anticipate a Raider rebound?

Week 7 – Sunday, October 23rd 

Oakland Raiders +1 (-110) 48 ½ (-105)
Jacksonville Jaguars -1 (-110) 48 ½ (-115)

Notwithstanding the fact that the Jaguars are starting to pick up steam, the online NFL betting odds still think that the Raiders have the advantage. But not by much, a one point spread forecasts an extremely close contest. In spite of the fact that the Raiders lost this past weekend, seeing them at 4-2 is astonishing. It’s not easy to have twice as many wins as losses in the NFL, but it’s even harder to accomplish that the way Oakland had been going about it. It’s a common idiom in the NFL that defenses win championships, but the Raiders had turned a deaf ear to that notion. To win their games the Raiders had strictly been relying on their offense, which ranks in the top half of the NFL. Alas, the same cannot be said about the Raiders defense. Through the first six games of the season, the Raiders rank dead last in total defense and pass defense. Their run defense isn’t much better either as it ranks as the 30th worst run defense in the NFL. To be honest, it’s a miracle the Raiders have won four games, and unless they can get a better effort from their defensive unit, it’s very unlikely that they’ll be winning too many more.

This past weekend the Chiefs showed the perfect strategy for defeating the Raiders. Cause a few turnovers, disrupt their offense, and watch the Raiders defense lose the game for Oakland. If the Jaguars can follow this to the tee, then they should have no problem winning this Sunday. Fortunately for online NFL betting fans who favor the Jaguars, Jacksonville’s defense ranks near the top of the NFL. The Raiders may have explosive capabilities in their passing game, but the Jaguars pass defense is the 8th best in the NFL. Unless the Raider defense can perform a miracle, the Jaguars should be able to upset the Raiders, as well as cover that 1 point spread.