Can The Dolphins ‘Just Keep Swimming’ Against Baltimore?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Ravens vs Dolphins Betting Preview Week 13 NFL

After posting a 6-10 season in 2015, the Miami Dolphins were looking for a change. To bring it about the Dolphins hired Adam Gase as their new head coach, and Gase gave the Dolphins personnel a facelift. With entirely new personnel, the Dolphins came into the 2016 with unbridled confidence, not paying any attention to what the football sportsbooks were predicting for Miami. The Dolphins had the worst NFL football betting odds of the AFC East, but two straight losses to start the season made it seem like the odds were right after all. Although they bounced back against the Cleveland Browns the following week, the Dolphins ended up posting a 1-4 record through the first 5 weeks of the season. But following their poor start, the Dolphins would go on to deliver one of the most impressive win streaks of the season.

In other words, the Miami Dolphins haven’t lost a game since their Week 5 loss against the Tennessee Titans. Putting aside how impressive the streak is – after all it’s not easy to win in the NFL – if you were to examine the competition the Dolphins have been facing, the grandeur of their streak is somewhat diminished. Of the 6 teams that Miami has beaten back to back, only two have a winning record; the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills. That little tidbit of information certainly puts things into perspective, but this upcoming weekend the Dolphins will have an opportunity to beat another winning team, the Baltimore Ravens. What kind of online NFL betting odds are the bookies giving the 7-4 Dolphins against the 6-5 Ravens?

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Sunday, December 4th

Baltimore Ravens -3 (-115) 40½ (-110) -180
Miami Dolphins +3 (-105) 40½ (-110) +160

It appears that the NFL football betting odds are predicting that the Ravens will in fact snap the Dolphins winning streak this Sunday. Baltimore is coming off a win against the Cincinnati Bengals this past week. However, since they lost to the Dallas Cowboys the week before, only someone who lives life haphazardly would dare to say that they too are coming in on a win streak.

Oftentimes in the NFL, the biggest variance in talent between two teams can happen at the quarterback position. The Ravens have a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Joe Flacco who is generally well-liked by both the fans and the media, regardless of whether he has a bad game or not. The Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill, a 5-year veteran who can best be described as average. But even with his less than stellar play, Tannehill has still been more than enough to lead the Dolphins to their impressive win streak. The media doesn’t always have his back, but his head coach does, and this Sunday maybe even the NFL football betting community will too.