Can the Birds Knock Down the Vikings?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Odds and Betting Preview: Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The way the Philadelphia Eagles started the 2016-17 season won the hearts of many online football betting fans. The Eagles started 3-0 and thanks to Carson Wentz it seemed like this team was destined for greatness. Some critics were wary of jumping on the Eagles bandwagon, believing that the Eagles faced tremendously weak opposition early in the season. But Philadelphia’s success was validated in Week 3 when they embarrassed the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-3. The Steelers are always a great team and seeing the Birds pull one over their Pennsylvanian rival vindicated Philadelphia’s early success. After their game with the Steelers’ the Eagles entered a well-deserved Bye Week. Unfortunately, it seems that they lost all of their momentum in that seven day rest. In the 2 weeks following their Bye, the Eagles failed to beat both the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins – 2 teams that may be talented, but are in no way elite. Now in Week 7 the Eagles will have to rise to the challenge and face what many critics consider to be the best team in the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings. Will most football betting sites predict an Eagles’ rebound, or will they side with the Sam Bradford-led Vikings?

Week 7 – Sunday, October 23rd 

Minnesota Vikings      -2½ (-115)    40 (-115)
Philadelphia Eagles     +2½ (-105)    40 (-105)

As usual, the online football betting odds are playing it safe and are siding with the obvious favorite. The Vikings may be the favorites in the NFC, but that title didn’t come easy. Minnesota has faced all types of opposition, and has played hard-fought football every step of the way. But what’s most impressive about this Minnesota team is how they’ve been winning games. There’s no denying that the Vikings aren’t the most talented team in the NFC, let alone the NFL. But even accounting for those other teams that have ‘more talent’ the Vikings shine bright above them as the only team in the NFL to remain undefeated. The Vikings’ 5-0 record is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to be better than your opponent; you just have to play better. The Vikings have consistently been playing 4 good quarters of football. Minnesota may not have the flashiest players in the NFL, but they’ll hit you just as hard as the best of them. With a great defense, and an offense who has a zero-mistake mentality, the Vikings find themselves as the frontrunners in the North, and the only team who has failed to lose a game. There’s no point in arguing that the Vikings are a great football team, but will the Eagles be able to snap Minnesota’s undefeated streak?

The key to beating the Vikings is to outscore them early in the game. Minnesota’s strength lies in their defense, which always puts their offense in an excellent position to win games. With little to no pressure, Sam Bradford has been terrific this season. But if the Eagles can put some points on the board early in the game, and make Bradford feel like he has to win the game, then it’s likely that Minnesota’s offense will crack. The Eagles have been averaging 27 points per game, which is the 4th best average in the NFL. Philadelphia has the explosiveness to put the Vikings on their heels, even if no other team has been able to this season. If the Eagles can rebound, then the online football betting community will have to start taking them seriously. But if the Vikings dominate, it will just reassure critics’ notion that the Vikings are indeed the best team in the NFC.