Can the Bills Defense Stop Derek Carr?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Raiders vs Bills NFL Week 13 Betting

Very few online NFL gambling fans could’ve foreseen the Oakland Raiders having a 9-2 record and the lead in the AFC West. It was one thing to expect the Raiders to have a successful season, but this type of success is completely unaccounted for. Oakland has been without a doubt one of the most sensational teams in the NFL and every week they keep defying the NFL betting odds. While Oakland’s success is impressive in its own right, when you begin to account for how poor their defense is their 9-2 record becomes even more imposing. In the NFL a good defense goes hand in hand with success, but when you have Derek Carr playing the way that he has been, a poor defense will not cripple your team.

The online sportsbooks have several players in contention for the MVP award; Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan. But of all those players not a single one has been as influential to their team’s success as Derek Carr. You could make an argument that Ryan has been just as important to Atlanta’s success as Carr has been for Oakland. However, Ryan has one of the best receivers in Julio Jones and the Falcons defense, as terrible as it may be, is still better than Oakland’s. The same goes for Brady and Prescott; the Pats were 3-1 without Brady and Prescott is ubiquitously surrounded by talent. Carr on the other hand, has had to mount the Raiders on his back and carry them to the top of the AFC West. Can Carr get it done once again in Week 13? Let’s see what the online NFL gambling lines have to say about his chances.

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Sunday, December 4th 

Oakland Raiders -3 (-120) 49 (-110) -170
Buffalo Bills +3 (EV) 49 (-110) +150

Since the Raiders are on a 5-game win streak, the sportsbooks have had no other option but to start tilting the odds in their favor. But even so, the bookies are still showing some hesitation in painting the Raiders as favorites. As previously mentioned, Oakland will be heading into Sunday’s game with a 9-2 record while the Bills will be coming in at 6-5. Usually when there’s such a noticeable difference between two teams’ records the odds will heavily favor the winning team, but that’s not the case with Oakland.

But ultimately the online NFL gambling odds do make sense. As aforementioned Derek Carr is the Raiders’ heart, soul, and mind; neutralize him and you’ve essentially beaten Oakland. The Bills just happen to have the 8th best pass defense in the league, as well as the best rushing offense in the league. Usually the Raiders jump to an early lead and put teams in a position where they don’t feel comfortable running the ball, out of a fear that they will chew up too much time. Considering that the Bills have the 8th highest scoring offense in the NFL, the Raiders might not get that early lead on Sunday.