Can the Bears hand the Vikings Their Second?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears NFL Week 8 Betting Preview

Up until Week 7, the Minnesota Vikings inspired the most amount of confidence for those who bet on NFL games. It seemed like it didn’t matter who the Vikings faced they would always come out on top. Minnesota took on the reigning NFC Champions, the Packers, the Texans, and the Giants with absolutely no difficulty. Then came the Week 6 Bye. Often times the Bye Week is a hallowed event for NFL teams. It gives players a chance to rest their aches and prepare for the rest of the season. So much so, that sportsbooks usually account for Bye Weeks. But from what we’ve seen this season, the Bye Week has done more damage than good.

After their Week 6 Bye the Vikings were set to face the Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles were coming off a two loss streak, but were still able to come out on top against Minnesota. Turnovers plagued both teams and the Vikings inability to score points late in the game cost them this contest. Looking back, it seems that the rest let the Vikings get comfortable, to the point where they stopped being on their toes. Interestingly enough, the same thing happened to the Eagles. Philadelphia was enjoying a 3-game win streak before they had to endure their Week 4 Bye. Afterwards, the Eagles would lose their first game of the season, as well as their second. Will Minnesota follow in the Eagles footsteps and lose two games in a row after a bye? Let’s see what the sportsbooks think.

NFL Odds – Week 8 –Monday, October 31st

Minnesota Vikings -5 (-105) 41 (-105) -210
Chicago Bears +5 (-115) 41 (-115) +180

While the odds might not think so, the schedule says otherwise. After the Eagles lost to the Lions – a team that hails from the NFC North – they went on to lose to a divisional rival. This upcoming Sunday, the Vikings will have to face a divisional rival and if irony has its way, the Bears will come out on top.

If on the other hand, we were to judge these two teams by what they look like on paper, then the Vikings will indubitably come out on top. As things stand now, the Vikings have the best defense in the entire NFL. They also have the 4th best secondary against the pass, and are the third best defense against the run. Minnesota has been winning their games by outscoring their opponents but their defense has made that task much easier. Right now, with an average of 14 points allotted per game, the Vikings are giving up the second least amount of points. No wonder the sportsbooks are siding with the Vikings on this one.

The Bears are not quite so impressive defensively, but it might not even matter. Right now Chicago is scoring less points than any other team in the NFL Now that their tasked with facing the Vikings, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them finish the game without a touchdown.