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Bet the First Round of the NFL Draft 2023 at BetNow

Bet the First Round of the NFL Draft 2023: The draft is just about here. The fates of teams will change forever very soon. Someone will land that centerpiece that will lead to a championship. Someone will draft a player that will set the franchise back years, getting everyone involved fired. We aren’t going to know who those teams are on Thursday night, nor on Friday night, Saturday night, or for years to come. What we are going to know, however, is who was drafted, who picked who. You can bet on the 2023 National Football League First Round Draft here at BetNow. There’s plenty to bet on. 

Bet the First Round of the NFL Draft 2023: The First Three Picks 

The first overall pick – we think we know the answer to that one, right? Bryce Young, quarterback from Alabama. Seems like we’ve known he was going to be the first pick in this year’s draft for years now. But… he is a little shorter than you’d like, right? He has everything, except ideal size. The Carolina Panthers, to get into this position,  paid a King’s Ransom to the Bears for him. Was that to get Bryce Young? Or was it to get CJ Stroud? You can get great odds at our site if you want to bet Sir Purr and the boys will draft someone other than Young. 

How about the 2nd pick? The Texans will take CJ Stroud… right? Well, they could. It would certainly make a lot of sense. The Texans don’t have a young franchise QB to build around, new administration coming in, etc. But… the Texans are also slated to pick at 12. There might still be a quarterback available there. Even if they were afraid that the QBs were gone, they could trade out of the pick and stay in the top ten if someone wanted to get Will Anderson. Or… the Texans team, coached by a former Texan and member of the Crimson Tide, could build his team around the one sure-fire defensive superstar. 

Speaking of, we all know that the Cardinals are going to pick Will Anderson in the third pick, right? Well… if you know that and we know that, don’t the teams who want him know that, too? So, why would they move ahead of the Cardinals to pick him? This is how wild the draft can get. And we’re only through the top three picks. There are 28 more to go in just the first round. 

The Rest of the First Round and Beyond 

After that, the Colts pick. They need a QB, sure. So, they’re going to pick CJ Stroud, right…? Well, maybe. That would make a lot of sense. There are plenty who think that CJ is the most complete QB in the draft. But… if you were going for pure upside, the QB with the most athletic talent, might you think about Anthony Richardson here? He sure has all kinds of athletic talent, even if it is pretty raw. The point of picking in the top five is to pick someone who will keep you from ever having to pick in the top five for a long time to come. What will the Colts do? 

Then, the Seattle Seahawks are on the clock with the fifth pick. They’re going to pick… well, who exactly? They have plenty of routes they could go. Even if all of the QBs we’ve mentioned go, (Young, CJ, and Richardson), there’s still Will Levis, if the Seahawks want someone that can back up Geno for a year or two and then be ready to step into the team. 

But… Pete isn’t getting any younger. Doesn’t he want to win now? He saw how the Seahawks were maybe the NFL’s surprise team this past year and wants to build on that. If so, there’s incredible defensive talent here to choose from. Tyree Wilson looks like TJ Watt did back in the day, he could be a safe pick. The same could be said of Gonzalez or Witherspoon, whichever of the two top corners you see as the better talent. 

But… if you really wanted to go for it, Jalen Carter is right there. Yes, he has some off the field issues. Yes, he showed up on big days overweight. But, in terms of sheer talent… is there anyone in this draft better? Except for maybe Bijan Robinson or Dalton Kincaid? Both of which will still be on the board… you can bet on the draft all weekend long here at BetNow!