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Bet Super Bowl Props: So Many to Choose From

Are you looking for the best Super Bowl prop bets? Do you want to bet Super Bowl props that are better than what you’ll find anywhere else? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at BetNow, we understand that there’s no betting event like the Super Bowl. Indeed, this is the one sporting event that everyone watches, even people who don’t follow sports. 

That said, with only two teams in the game, not everyone has a rooting interest. Not everyone knows what they want to bet on the moneyline, the odds, and so forth. However, everyone can enjoy a good prop bet.  Here, we have the best prop bets going, and we’re always adding more. 

Props to Choose From 

No team gets to the Super Bowl without having plenty of players for the quarterback to throw the ball to, targets to choose from. The Chiefs have Travis Kelce, Juju Smith-Schusters, and so many others to choose from. The Eagles have the incomparable AJ Brown, Miles Sanders, and plenty of others. 

When it comes to props, we have a “target rich environment” as well. Indeed, as of this writing, we have warm up props (props from before the game starts or the beginning) as well as NFL team props, touchdown props, field goal props, and even score props.

That said, you can bet props throughout the game, too, as we have first half props, 2nd half props, quarter props and more. If you don’t want to watch the game at all, in fact, we even have half time show props, so that you can bet while everyone is going to the bathroom/eating their food. We have a stacked lineup of props, ready to take over and ready to win. 

Bet Super Bowl Props Before the Game Starts

Let’s take a moment to look at the warm up props to see how you can win before the ball is even kicked off. Chris Stapeton is singing the national anthem. How do you feel about that? Is Chris going to go long or going to go short? We have the over/under at 125 seconds. That’s just over two minutes but it’s five seconds over two minutes. Do you think he’ll sing it shorter than that or longer?

We currently have “longer” as the favorite, at -140. That means you’d have to bet $140 to win $100. That said, if you feel real strong about that, you can make a killing before the coin toss. 

Speaking of the coin toss, how do you feel about that? Heads or tails? We, rightly, have the odds as even here (since it’s, you know, literally a 50/50 chance). But, where your knowledge can come in, is to bet which team is going to win the coin toss. How have the Eagles and the Chiefs done in coin tosses throughout the year? You can use that knowledge to make some money. 

Of course, the above isn’t the last “singing based” bet that you can make. Babyface is going to sing America the Beautiful. How long do you think that’s going to go? Here, we have a shorter time: 109 seconds. If you think it’ll be longer than that or shorter, you could make some real money. 

Props Throughout the Game 

How do you feel about specific players in the game? We’ve got player props, too. Chris Jones, for example, has a ferocious pass rush for the Chiefs. Is he going to get a sack? Or, do you think the Eagles are going to double team him all day and keep him from getting to Jalen Hurts? That said, even if you believe the latter, you can bet on whether George Karlafatis is going to record a sack. 

That said, it’s not like we just have defensive props here. You can bet on the touchdowns, whether they’re through the air, on the ground, and so much more. 

Bet the Super Bowl (whether it’s through the props) or in any other way here at BetNow. Good luck to you throughout the game!