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Bet NFL Draft 2023 at BetNow in So Many Ways

Do you know the draft inside and out? Do you not just know who the teams should pick but who they’re going to pick? If so, come bet NFL Draft 2023 here at BetNow. At our site, you can bet on the NFL draft in any number of ways. We won’t know for years if these players will make these teams winners, but these players can make you a winner by the time they’re shaking the commissioner’s hand. 

The NFL Draft is, for so many NFL fans, a time of hope. The frustrations of last season melt away. This, finally, is a chance to rectify last year’s failures, last year’s mistakes, with the players who can turn things around. For many of these teams, particularly those picking high, this is the hope they’ve sold their fans on, that they won’t be picking this high again. You can bet on the draft this year and end up a big winner yourself. 

Bet NFL Draft 2023: Bet Top Picks 

There’s a reason the NFL moved the first round to primetime Thursday night – they know folks are going to be watching. When the Carolina Panthers go up on the clock (as they technically are right now) and make their pick, you can be a big winner in that moment. Here at our site, you’ll be able to bet on the top five picks. 

Do you know who the teams are going to choose? Then you can win. Sure, there are plenty who think that Bryce Young is going to be the first player off the board. But, that’s not guaranteed. Most of us think Carolina went up to get a QB, but what if they like C.J. Stroud more? Then you can make some real money, as Stroud is sitting there at +650. 

In fact, our handicappers are so confident Young is going first that he’s not even an option at number two. But, do you think the Texans are going to go with CJ Stroud or Will Anderson? Sure, they could use a quarterback, but as of this writing, they have another high first-round pick. DeMecco Ryans is a defensive guy, an Alabama guy… Do they go with Will Anderson instead? 

Speaking of, he could go number three to the Cardinals. Or… do the Cardinals try to get more picks by trading with a team who really needs a QB? If Stroud and Young go 1st and 2nd, does a team below Indy get antsy about getting Richardson or Levis, and trade up? These are the kinds of bets you can make here at our site. 

Bet Top Picks by Position 

Once we get out of the top five, there’s still plenty of money to be made picking top players. Case in point: who’s going to be the first player drafted at many positions? Running back has a clear favorite, yes, with Bijan Robinson from Texas, but when it comes to wide receivers, who do you think goes first? Jaxon Smith-Njigba from Ohio State? Or Zay Flowers from BC? Quentin Johnson from TCU? 

What about cornerbacks? Do you feel Christina Gonzalez is better than Devon Witherspoon? Or vice versa? Or, does someone go with bloodlines and take Joey Porter Jr.? 

Beyond drafting the first player at each position, you can also bet on how many players at each position will be drafted in the first round. How many running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, and more. (Remember: it’s considered by many to be a deep tight end class, but does that translate to first round picks?) There’s so much to bet here at our site. 

Position of First Pick by Each Team 

Speaking of, you can also bet on what the first pick of each team is going to be, what position. Remember, this can change with all of the trades. It can be complicated, too. Take a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, for example. Sure, they could use a cornerback and an offensive tackle. 

But, at 17, the best of those players might be gone. Is there good enough value at 17 for them to draft one? Or, do they go with someone like a Brian Branch? He played the “Star” position at Alabama (which kinda does not exist in the NFL) or they could go with an edge rusher and more. That’s how complicated the draft can get. But! If you know, you can make some real money. 

Bet NFL Draft 2023 and Beyond at BetNow 

This is all just for the first round of the NFL draft. There are multiple days, multiple rounds, all seven through Saturday night. You’ll be able to bet on all of it, right here at BetNow. Sure, OTAs haven’t even really started yet, but NFL betting season is back at BetNow!