Best Online Sportsbooks Maul over Vikings vs. Redskins

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins NFL Week 10 Odds – Sunday, November 12th

The Minnesota Vikings are still celebrating the hit that left Aaron Rodgers out for the near conceivable future. With Rodgers out of the picture, not only where the Vikings able to win a game in which they were pegged as underdogs by football betting websites, but they were also able to pick up the lead in the NFC North. Furthermore, the best online sportsbooks expect Rodgers to be out of the Packers’ starting lineup for most games left in the 2017 season. With that in mind, the Vikings should have no problem closing out the division and claiming that elusive NFC North title. They might not have had to beat the best quarterback in the division to get it, but it’s unlikely for history to remember that minute detail. Let’s take a gander at what kind of odds the Vikings are facing in this Sunday’s matchup against the Washington Redskins.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins – Sunday, November 12th

When: 1:00 pm ET

Where: FedEx Field

TV: Fox

Stream: Fox Sports Go

Best Online Sportsbook Odds:

Washington Redskins +1 ½ (-110)   42 (-110)         +105

Minnesota Vikings -1 ½ (-110)         42 (-110)         -125

Washington Redskins

It looks like the Vikings are eager to return to the gridiron, which isn’t all that surprising considering that the franchise is currently riding a 4 game winning streak. However, the same might not be true about the Redskins. Sure, Washington is coming off a win. But before the Redskins were able to pick up a 17-14 tight win over the Seahawks this past weekend, they had conceded two losses in a row to divisional opponents. At 4-4 on the year, Washington ranks 3rd in the NFC East. It’s not the worst record in the NFL, or even the division, but given how competitive the East is this year, the Redskins have zero chance of winning the division title. That said, the Redskins still haven’t given up hope on a Wild Card berth. Nevertheless, the best online sportsbooks aren’t giving that great off odds of fulfilling that goal.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings enter this weekend’s contest sporting a 6-2 record that gives them the lead in the NFC North. The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers are both behind the Vikings, tied at 4-4 a pop. Minnesota has already beaten the Pack once this season but they have suffered a loss against the Lions. If Detroit is able to mount a respectable push in the second half of the season, they might just be able to take the division out from under the Vikings. Nonetheless, the Vikings do have one thing in their favor: the Lions aren’t very consistent.

Looking over both team’s numbers, it’s clear this game will be as close as the spread line is predicting. The Vikings offense averages 22.4 points while their defense gives up 16.9. Similarly, the Redskins put up 22.1 each weekend while their D allots 24.3 to their opponent. With those numbers in mind, it’s pretty clear that the Vikings won’t have a hard time meeting their offensive quota on the day. The same may not be true about the Redskins.