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Bengals Clear Online NFL Betting Favorites over the Dolphins

Not too many online NFL betting critics could’ve predicted the current standings in the AFC North. The North produced two playoff teams last season – the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, but even though both those teams made the postseason, neither of the two are leading the division. Right now the Baltimore Ravens find themselves atop the AFC North with a cozy 3-0 record. But unlike the Bengals, Baltimore has been facing easy opposition; they faced the 1-2 Bills in Week 1, the 0-3 Browns in Week 2, and then the 0-3 Jags in Week 3. To say that Baltimore has yet to be put the test would be a vast understatement. The Bengals on the other hand, faced the New York Jets in their 2016 debut, but after the lowly Jets Cincinnati had to tee off with some of the best teams in the AFC. In Week 2 Cincinnati faced their division rival, the Steelers, and almost came away with it, had it not been for a very questionable call on a fumble. That loss was certainly heartbreaking for the Bengals, and unfortunately for Cincinnati, they were unable to bounce back the following week against the Denver Broncos. Failing to win against the Broncos and Steelers isn’t a terrible thing, but it does show exactly where the Bengals rank in the AFC. Now with a record below .500, the Bengals are desperate for a win. In Week 4 the Bengals will face the Miami Dolphins, and many fans are considering this both a must-win and an easy-win for Cincinnati. Let’s see what most football betting sites have to say about the Bengals chances in Week 4.

Week 4 – Thursday the 29th of September

Miami Dolphins +7 (-105) 44 (-115) +285
Cincinnati Bengals -7 (-105) 44 (-105) -350

Coming into Thursday’s matchup, the online NFL betting odds are painting the Dolphins as the clear underdog. Just like the Bengals, the Dolphins are 1-2, with losses against the Seahawks in Week 1 and the Patriots in Week 2. This past weekend the Dolphins were able to beat the Browns, but winning against Cleveland isn’t saying much these days. Looking over both each team’s stats and the lines available for this contest, it seems the spread and the totals aren’t bad choices. The Bengals only win this season came against the Jets, and they were only able to win by one point. Cincinnati’s offense is currently averaging only 18.7 points per contest, so it seems unlikely that the Bengals will be covering the spread, especially when considering the Dolphins defense ranks 16th in the league with only 22.3 points allowed per contest. Miami’s offense isn’t as good, coming into Thursday’s game the Dolphins offense is averaging 21.3 points per game, while the Bengals are allowing 25 points per game. With that in mind fans might want to pick under on the totals line.

The Dolphins came into the 2016 season with an entirely new coaching staff, but so far, the new personnel has yet to impress. Despite losing by only two points to the Seahawks, and by 7 to the Pats, the Dolphins bandwagon is about as crowded as a one-horse town. The Bengals haven’t been that impressive either this year, but the online NFL betting community is still certain that Cincinnati is an easy pick over the Dolphins.