Bears to Maul Colts and Provide Week 5’s NFL Betting Upset

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Bears vs. Colts NFL Week 5 Betting

Week 4 of the NFL gave online football betting fans more upsets than one can readily handle. Frankly, seeing so many talented teams get uprooted left many of us flabbergasted. But, luckily enough, there were a fair share of game whose results didn’t defy logic, including the NFC North contest between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. Heading into last weekend’s contest the Bears had failed to win a game all season long, while the Lions were coming in with only one win. With such pitiful records, last Sunday’s game was to decide exactly who the worst team in the NFC North was. Well, now that the dust has settled, it seems that title belongs to the Detroit Lions. The Bears came away with bragging rights, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to turn their season around. Right now the North is being dominated by the Minnesota Vikings, who are one of a handful of teams that still remain undefeated. Behind the Vikings lies one of this year’s Super Bowl favorites, the Green Bay Packers. So, trying to imagine a scenario where Chicago is able to take the division out from both the Vikings and the Packers seems illogical. Either way, Chicago will do their best to make the playoffs, or at least finish above .500. The best way to do that is by beating their Week 5 opponent, the Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis’ year has been a disappointment so far and they also find themselves at 1-3. So, with both the Colts and the Bears sitting at 1-3, which team are most football betting sites favoring this Sunday?

Week 5 – Sunday the 9th of October

Colts -4 ½ (-110) 48 (-110) -216
Bears +4 ½ (-110) 48 (-110) +186

Surprisingly enough, the online football betting odds have decided to side with Indianapolis this Sunday, and by a considerable margin. Since both teams have been playing mediocre football, a clear cut favorite might not be so obvious, despite what the odds say. But even looking at the other lines available, not one seems like a safe bet. So far this season no team has scored fewer than 20 points on the Colts. Meanwhile, the Bears haven’t scored over 17 points in any of their outings. Predicting what will happen when a terrible defense meets a pitiful offense might not be a lucrative affair, but fans can be certain of one thing; the Colts will get on the scoreboard. Right now the Colts have the 7th highest points per game average in the NFL with 27. On the other hand the Bears are only averaging 15.5 points in their outings. With those figures in mind, the totals line isn’t as clear cut as other contests.

Brian Hoyer will be lining up under center for the Bears because Jay Cutler is still out with a thumb injury. But if I was a Chicago fan I would be happier with Hoyer starting than Cutler. So far this season Hoyer has played exceptionally well an earned himself a 103.3 passer rating, and unlike Cutler, Hoyer has yet to throw an interception. Now the 8-year veteran will get a chance to prove himself against Andrew Luck and the Colts. The online football betting odds think the Bears’ won’t stand a chance, but Hoyer might put on an impressive showing and actually lead Chicago to a victory. After all, the Colts have been extremely disappointing this season.