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Bears could get Their 3rd Against the Bucs

Posted by: Mike Davis
Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Week 10 Betting

It’s been five years since the Chicago Bears qualified for the postseason. Amidst player trade, coaching changes, and general manger changes as well, Chicago has struggled to find continued success. In 2015 the Bears organization decided to clean house and brought in new general manger Ryan Pace and John Fox to be their new head coach. A season and a half later, Chicago has amassed a measly record of 8-16. With 8 games left in the season, online NFL betting fans are confident that the Bears will be losing more games than winning. However, in Week 10 Chicago will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that has been as pusillanimous as the Bears. At 3-5, the Bucs have just 1 win above the Bears, who will be coming into Sunday’s matchup at 2-6. With both teams playing so unconvincingly, who will most football betting sites paint as the favorite?

NFL Odds – Week 10 – Sunday, November 13th

Chicago Bears +1 (-115) 46 (-105)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1 (-105) 46 (-115)

Apparently the online NFL betting odds are having a hard time picking between such inadequacy. The Bears haven’t won too many games this season, and most of their losses have been by two possessions or more. But unlike the Buccaneers, Chicago will be coming in of an impressive win over a division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Interestingly enough, both of Chicago’s wins this season have been against divisional opponents. The Bears have a heated history with all their rivals, and if they can beat the Lions and the Vikings the next time they face them this season, John Fox might just guarantee himself another year at the helm. From what we’ve seen the Bears organization isn’t the most patient, and if Fox fails to win against divisional opponents later this year, it’ll be uncertain how much he’ll have left. Of course, a win against Tampa Bay wouldn’t hurt his chances of staying.

Luckily for the Bears, the Buccaneers have one of the worst defenses of the NFL. Heading into Week 10, Tampa Bay is giving up the 29th most points in the league behind a defense that is the 25th worst against the run and the 27th worst against the pass. The Bears may not have the most dominant offense, but they rank in the top half of the league in passing and total offense. Needless to say, Jay Cutler may deliver another stand out performance.

Despite Tampa Bay’s delicate defense, the online NFL betting odds are still hesitant to paint the Bears as the favorites. Chicago’s defense ranks in the top half of the NFL against both the run and pass, and their total defense is the 12th best in the league. The Bucs offense may be much better than their defense, but the Bears aren’t no pushovers on defense. With the way things have been shaping up for both teams this season, it looks like the Bears will be getting their third win of the season this Sunday.