Aaron Rodgers Vies for Revenge this Online NFL Betting Weekend

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NFL Week 16 Betting Online Odds Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers – Saturday, December 23rd

The Green Bay Packers had one chance of making the playoffs this season and it involved beating the Carolina Panthers this pas online NFL betting weekend. Green Bay fell short of that mark and with the Atlanta Falcons triumph over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Monday night, the Packers have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. In other words, the season is officially over for Aaron Rodgers and company. Unfortunately, that comes on the heels of this Saturday’s Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers matchup.

With nothing left to play for, how will the Packers get excited about this weekend’s action? Well, considering who they’re playing: the team responsible for knocking out Aaron Rodgers for half the season, it’s safe to say that Green Bay doesn’t need any added motivation in this one. So, accounting for this storyline, which team should sportsbook players take in this NFC North rivalry?

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers – Saturday, December 23rd

When: 8:30 pm ET

Where: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Stream: NBC Extra, NFL Game Pass

Online NFL Betting Lines:

Minnesota Vikings TBP

Green Bay Packers TBP

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings enter this Week 16 pairing flashing an 11-3 record that ranks them 1st in the NFC North. This past weekend, with a 34-7 triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota was able to clinch the divisional title. Minnesota will now be turning their attention to clinching a 1st round bye and quite possibly even home field advantage throughout this upcoming postseason. All things considered, the Vikings will have to beat out the Philadelphia Eagles for that privilege. Granted, the Eagles are without their starting quarterback and will be facing steeper online NFL betting odds to close out the season. That said, Minnesota will have to beat out a ticked off Aaron Rodgers – which might be even harder to overcome.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have fallen to 7-7 after losing a close game in Carolina this past weekend, 31-24. Most players who took a chance on the NFL teaser odds were expecting Rodgers to come back and lead this team to victory. Instead, it was the defense that had to keep Green Bay in this one as the two-time MVP ended up turning the ball over three times. Ultimately, the pass protection could have been better towards the end of the game but hind sight is 20/20. The best Green Bay can hope for in this one is to get one over the Vikings before the season closes out. Additionally, the Pack could play a hand in keeping Minnesota from locking up home field advantage.

It’s not wise to bet against Aaron Rodgers but sportsbook players might not have much of a choice after witnessing the kind of return he had this past weekend. Nonetheless, Rodgers was returning of an 8 week layaway so there’s no question that his timing and rhythm were off. We’ll have to see how Rodgers can perform with a full week of practice under him.