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2023 NFL Super Bowl Predictions, Conference Champions Picks

2023 NFL Super Bowl Predictions: The Super Bowl 2023 Predictions are flourishing online ever before the Championship games could take place. With just one win away from making an appearance in the Super Bowl, four teams are battling for the top spot. This season has been incredible and this is going to be a balanced Conference Championship battle. The betting lines are updated online with the latest money line and predictions.

2023 NFL Super Bowl Predictions: NFC Championship Prediction

The NFC Championship is going to be a tight game between two top teams. The Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers have played incredibly well and this is their last shot to make it to the Super Bowl LVII. The Eagles hold the upper hand here based on the stats and they finished their regular season with a better record. The Eagles defeated most of their opponents and won 14 of their 17 games. As for the 49ers, they came off a neat 13-4 record and finished their regular season with a hot 10-game winning streak. QB Jalen Hurts has been the backbone of the Eagles this season and he is all set to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Hurts might not be at his peak in the NFC Championship, especially after his sprained shoulder.

AFC Championship Prediction

The Kansas City Chiefs have opened as a huge favorite to win the AFC Championship title. The focus lies on Patrick Mahomes and his squad to take out the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs were one of the best teams this entire season as they finished with a 14-3 record. The Bengals made it through with a 12-4 record and clinched their division title, but the odds of making it past the Chiefs are pretty slim. This is going to be a tough call for the Bengals. However, Mahomes has been struggling with a sprain and the tables can turn at any moment. For now, the Chiefs are predicted to win this game.

Super Bowl Prediction

The NFL Super Bowl prop bets are out and the most valued players are predicted to be Mahomes and Hurts. This is going to be a well-balanced Super Bowl if the Eagles and the Chiefs make it through the final run. The Eagles have been a powerhouse in their performance and they are all set to do their best. Philadelphia will have a huge challenge against Mahomes and this might not be an easy challenge. While some of the betting sites are predicting a win for the Chiefs, the Eagles are still a huge favorite to win this Super Bowl LVII. This is going to be a massive weekend for NFL fans as the Eagles take on the 49ers in the NFC Championship game and the Chiefs take on the Bengals in the AFC Championship game.