2021 Super Bowl Top 10 Best Prop Bets

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 Super Bowl Top 10 Best Prop Bets

Kansas City Chiefs will be heading to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida to kick-off for their 2021 Super Bowl against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is all set to be an interesting Super Bowl game with two top teams that have come a long way from their regular season. Kansas City Chiefs hold the best record this year. But, the Buccaneers display impressive performance against some of the top teams this season. The NFL prop betting predictions are out for both teams including their top players. With several prop bets available online, there are a list of top 10 bets that might be helpful for bettors to place their bets. Betting has never been easier with every detailed information available in advance.

Kansas City’s First TD Scorer

There is no doubt that quarterback Patrick Mahomes is predicted as one of their first touchdown scorers against the Buccaneers. Yet, there are two other names that have been surrounding Mahomes. Expect wide receiver Travis Kelce to get the first TD scorer for the Chiefs. On the other hand, Darrell Williams is also holding a strong chance.

Player Name Moneyline
Patrick Mahomes +2200
Travis Kelce +600
Darrell Williams +1600

Tampa Bay’s First TD Scorer

The Buccaneers are expected to have Rob Gronkowski and the odds look pretty decent for him to get the first TD. Mike Evans is the second player behind Gronkowski while Cameron Brate is the third name to follow from Tampa’s squad.

Player Name Moneyline
Rob Gronkowski +1800
Mike Evans +1200
Cameron Brate +1600

Super Bowl MVP

Once again, Mahomes is to be MVP. It will become true if the Chiefs win against the Bucs. However, Travis Kelce might just go all out and put up a strong performance ahead of Mahomes.

Player Name Moneyline
Patrick Mahomes +100
Travis Kelce +1000

Mahomes Passing Yards

This is not going to be an easy game for the Chiefs as they are up against one of the toughest defenses. As their quarterback, Mahomes will touch a decent number with his passing yards. The prediction for Mahomes in passing yards is Over / Under 329.5. The moneyline is -120.

Tom Brady’s Attempts

Brady is going to give his best shot and he will ensure to make a decent number of successful attempts to pass the ball. Brady will need to keep the ball running against the powerful Chiefs if they want to win this game. The prediction for Brady is passing attempts is Over / Under 44.5 and the moneyline is set for +270.


Travis Kelce is predicted to go Over 7.5 with an ML of -135.

Mike Evans is predicted to go Over / Under 4.5 with an ML of +100.

Longest Receptions and Rushing Yards

Tyreek Hill is predicted to get the longest reception and is believed to go Over / Under 26.5 with an ML of -125. When it comes to rushing, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is predicted to go Over / Under 26.5 with an ML of +115.

Total Receptions

It has to be Chris Godwin as the predicted player to get the total receptions. The player prop bets have been flourishing around Godwin and is predicted to go Over / Under 5.5 with an ML of +105. The Buccaneers will do their best to prevent the Chiefs and this is going to be one of those memorable Super Bowl games.