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2019 NFL Power Rankings for the Upcoming Season

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2019 NFL Power Rankings

The 2019 NFL football betting season is drawing nearer every day, creating a necessity for some 2019 NFL Power Rankings. While we expect the upper echelons of the league to contain the usual suspects, there could be some new clubs breaking through this upcoming season. Knowing how the landscape will turn out in the NFL elite will certainly help sports betting fans squeeze the most value out of the upcoming season. So let’s take a look at the teams you can count on, on any given Sunday.

2019 NFL Power Rankings

No. 1 New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a powerhouse but it feels a little iffy putting them at the No. 1 spot on this list. While they have tremendous firepower on offense, their defense has been susceptible in the past. Additionally, the NFC South can be one of the more tumultuous divisions in the NFL. Although New Orleans has won it the last two seasons, there’s no guarantee they’ll get it this time around.

However, there’s no denying that this Saints’ team is brimming with talent. Although the other teams in the NFC South are dangerous, they’re not quite as offensively consistent as New Orleans. Given a full length season, that consistency should be enough for New Orleans to claim the South. Drew Brees is a Super Bowl winning quarterback and has arguably the most precise pass in the league. Coupled with the fact that they have some of the most versatile backs in the league, it’s clear this team will be damn near unstoppable on offense.

No. 2 New England Patriots

It’s almost hurtful to place Tom Brady and the Patriots this high on the list but their consistent success over the last couple of years demands it. Brady may have become the check-down king over the last couple of years but you can’t argue with the results. Additionally, Belichick wields one of the best minds in pro football and has the commitment to boot. This has allowed his defense to play at an exceptionally high level for the last decade. As for the upcoming season, there’s no question that New England will get the pieces in place to secure yet another AFC East title. Whether they’re able to make it past the AFC Conference game is still up in the air.

No. 3 Kansas City Chiefs

It’ll be interesting to see how the Chiefs come out this season but if they’re any semblance to last year’s unit then we can fully expect them to be an offensive powerhouse once again. The Chiefs didn’t just debut Patrick Mahomes last season, they completely took the whole league by storm. Mahomes shocked us with some of the best play we’ve ever seen in the league from a young quarterback. Week in and week out the second-year quarterback was stuffing the highlight reels. However, with defenses now having a full year’s worth of tape on the young stud, Mahomes might have a tougher time finding success in 2019. Additionally, he will be without running back Kareem Hunt but at least Tyreek Hill will be there from the get go.

No. 4 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams took a hit by delivering a rather meager performance in the Super Bowl. Plenty of reasons have been attributed to their demise, but now it’s up to Los Angeles to show that they’ve grown as a team and are even more dangerous this time around. Looking over their roster, it’s clear this team is a shoo-in for the playoffs. They have a loaded offense with more receivers than one can care to count. And if that wasn’t enough, they have enough playmakers on defense to go up with any other offensive powerhouse in the NFL. Several other teams on this list cannot make that claim.

No. 5 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are coming off a highly successful season that saw them finish 2nd in the AFC West despite turning in a 12-4 record. Although they were beaten pretty badly by the Patriots in the Divisional round, it’s clear this team is still headed for a very successful season. They’ll definitely make the playoffs but there’s no certainty they win the AFC West. Either way, the Chargers are one team worth backing when checking out NFL odds for this upcoming season.