2019 NFL Offseason Rankings for Eager Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2019 NFL Offseason Rankings

We’re in the middle of the 2019 offseason so online NFL betting fans need to find something to help pass the time. So to fill that need, we’ve assembled a list of 2019 NFL offseason rankings to determine which offense are the most dynamic. We’ll be looking at three positions to determine these rankings, quarterback, wide receiver and naturally, running back. In the end this should help NFL sports betting fans prepare for the action the upcoming season will offer.

2019 NFL Offseason Rankings: Offense

No. 1 New Orleans Saints

The Saints wielded one of the most prolific offenses from last year’s finish. In fact, New Orleans finished 3rd overall in scoring, 8th in total yards and 6th in rushing. Drew Brees might be one of, if not the, most accurate quarterbacks in the league. Similarly, Alvin Kamara is arguably the most dynamic back in the game. Additionally, Michael Thomas’ talents are beyond question. Without question, these three are the toughest trio to stop in the NFL. And the fact that they have even more talent in their backups makes the Saints’ offense more than fearsome.

No. 2 Kansas City Chiefs

Some online NFL betting fans might want to see the Chiefs at the No. 1 spot. And although Patrick Mahomes delivered 50 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions in his NFL debut season, it’s still difficult to place the 3rd year vet ahead of the pinpoint accurate Brees. That said, the Chiefs did finish No. 1 in scoring and No. 1 in total offense, as well as 3rd overall in passing. However, Kareem Hunt is no longer a part of the team. In addition, there are some question surrounding Tyreek Hill. Because of this we’re not quite certain how many pieces the Chiefs will have in place to support Mahomes next season.

No. 3 Cleveland Browns

Keeping in line with young quarterbacks, we’ve decided to put the Browns 3rd here. At the end of the day Baker Mayfield exemplifies what it means to be an NFL player. And now that he’s being joined by one of the best receivers in Odell Beckham Jr., there’s no telling what kind of numbers Mayfield can put up. We also saw Nick Chubb explode on the field following Carlos Hyde’s trade. Mobile betting fans will surely want to keep an eye on this unit as they’re likely to get off to a hot start in 2019.

No. 4 Los Angeles Chargers

Previously we said that Alvin Kamara might be the most dynamic back in the league. And if there’s one man who’s going to usurp him of that title, it would be Chargers’ running back Melvin Gordon. Gordon is coming off his best NFL season, as is Philip Rivers, and will undoubtedly want to pick up right where he left off. Keenan Allen is a top-3 route runner that is crucial to the Chargers’ success as well.

No. 5 Green Bay Packers

Although the Packers failed to make the playoffs last season, there were plenty of reasons for it. McCarthy’s play calling had clearly grown stale to anyone that was watching for the last couple of years and injuries plagued Rodgers for most of the season. Nevertheless, Rodgers’ is unstoppable when he’s hot and that merits this ranking. Although Aaron Jones hasn’t quite been proven as a star at running back, he’s certainly shown some promise. And if that wasn’t enough, Davante Adams is arguably the most underrated receiver in the league.