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2019 NFL Divisional Round Betting Picks

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2019 NFL Divisional Round Betting Picks

The NFL football betting playoffs continue this weekend with a thrilling lineup. With matchups on both Saturday and Sunday, there’s no question this weekend is an NFL sportsbook fans dream come true. So, one may ask, what are the best bets to make for this weekend’s playoff action? To help bettors out, we’ve put together this 2019 NFL Divisional Round betting guide to help you make the most lucrative bets. Here we go.

NFC Divisional Round

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams – Saturday, January 12th          

The Cowboys are riding high following NFC Wild Card win over the Seahawks. However, they’re now pegged against what many consider to be the best team in the conference. And although their defense came up big for Dallas this past weekend, deterring Seattle’s offense is an entirely different affair from stopping the Rams’ O. At the end of the day Los Angeles has too many weapons for Dallas to successfully contain. Therefore, if Dallas is to stand a shot in this matchup, it would be thanks to their offense. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they don’t have the most consistent nor the most explosive offense. On top of that, the Cowboys’ offense is habitually criticized for running an older, run-heavy philosophy. Running the ball is great and all, except when you’re playing catch up. And if that wasn’t enough, Ezekiel Elliott has already racked up 6 fumbles on the year. Todd Gurley on the other hand, has zero. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this weekend’s matchup.

Sportsbook Pick: 35-21 Rams.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints – Sunday, January 13th         

The Eagles turn to Foles to deliver some playoff magic once more. Unfortunately for Foles, the Eagles didn’t come in off a 13-3 season. Ultimately this means that they’ll have to face the Saints in New Orleans, where it is much tougher to pull off a win. The Saints on the other hand, have a future Hall of Fame quarterback backed up by two of the most dynamic backs in the game. To say that the Eagles are outmatched here would be a dire understatement. Even though the Eagles might come in with the better defense, they’re still vastly outgunned. To win Foles will need a miracle out of his defense and some magic from his arm. The Saints look like the best and safest pick here.

Sportsbook Pick: 39-30 Saints.

AFC Divisional Round

Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Saturday, January 12th         

The Colts absolutely dominated the Texans this past weekend. Indy managed to deliver a breathtaking end to the season to snatch a Wild Card berth that no one could have predicted. However, is that momentum, impressive as it is, enough to topple the most talented young-quarterback in the NFL? But it’s not just Mahomes the Colts have to usurp, it’s his near endless weapons. Granted, Andy Reid teams are known for imploding in the postseason but there’s something special about Mahomes. While there’s no denying that Luck is a talented quarterback in his own right, he simply does not have the weapons around him to deliver the kind of numbers Mahomes put up regularly this season.

Sportsbook Pick: 38-30 Colts.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots – Sunday, January 13th         

This is without a doubt the best matchup of the weekend. On one hand is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, the best coach in the NFL and the most decorated quarterback in league history. On the other is Philip Rivers and a pack of hungry dogs called the Chargers. LA got off to a crappy start this season but soon came around once Bosa was back in the starting lineup. Ultimately the Chargers are an excellent team all-around. They have an explosive offense, a ball-hungry defense, and a roster that stinks of talent. Putting all that aside, they still have to face Brady in Foxborough. That will be the final coffin on LA’s season.

Sportsbook Pick: 33-28 New England.