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2018 Top Offenses: NFL Sportsbook Look at the Upcoming Season

While most NFL football betting online players are pleasantly enjoying the offseason, online sportsbooks are sizing up this upcoming up season. When it comes to betting on NFL games, having an in depth understanding of opposing offenses is crucial to making the best predictions possible. With that in mind, today we aim to take a look at 2018 top offenses of the NFL.

2018’s Top Offenses || NFL Football Betting Predictions 

 No. 1 || New Orleans Saints

While they may have an aging quarterback, last year’s New England Patriots proved you can make it all the way to the Super Bowl with an old timer under center. And fortunately for the Saints, they just happen to have one of the most accurate QBS to ever pick up the pigskin. Not only that, New Orleans has one of the most versatile backfields in the game. In fact, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara might be a better duo than even the one the Falcons’ are running. At the wide receiver position, New Orleans has enough talent to compete with them. That includes Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn Jr., and Cameron Meredith. All in all, the sports parlay odds will be predicting a solid season for the Saints’ offense.

No. 2 || New England Patriots

Like the Saints, the Pats seem to have one of the oldest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. That’s not surprising. What was a bombshell was seeing New England trade away Jimmy G last season. Ultimately, this made it clear that New England was sticking with Brady. And while Brady might not be the best option to catch a pass in the Super Bowl, he’s still amongst the most poised quarterbacks that have ever played the game. With Brady under center, bettors can expect New England’s offense to shine once again. The Pats do have better receivers than they do running backs, but they’re a pass-first offense so that shouldn’t be a problem.

No. 3 || Pittsburgh Steelers

Although they didn’t have a strong run in the playoffs, the Steelers are without a doubt one of the most versatile offenses in the NFL. Granted, last season they didn’t get off to a strong start. Moreover, we saw plenty of NFL football betting pundits call for Roethlisberger’s retirement, Stephen A. Smith in particular. But after Roethlisberger rebounded midseason, it was clear he still had plenty of juice left in the tank. As for next season, Pittsburgh has too much talent at quarterback, running back, and receiver to not be a playoff favorite.

No. 4 || Atlanta Falcons

Like the Steelers, the Falcons didn’t quite reach the level of success they were expecting in 2017. However, it likely had something to do with the fact that the franchise was undergoing a case of the Super Bowl blues. Now, with one season of recovery under their belt, bettors can expect the Falcons to rise up and reclaim the mantle of one of 2018 top offenses. Matt Ryan ranks amongst the best in the league. The same goes for Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones.