2018 NFL Draft: Who will the Browns Take No. 1?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
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The 2018 NFL Draft is right around the corner. Naturally, online NFL betting fans are wondering just which player the Browns will take with the No. 1 overall pick. Having had a history of bad luck with 1st round quarterbacks, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Cleveland to shy away from taking a quarterback. And while most of us are uncertain about who the Browns will take, it looks like Cleveland themselves aren’t sure who to select.

Cleveland’s 2018 NFL Draft Conundrum

This Tuesday, the Browns’ head coach Hue Jackson alluded that the 4 best quarterbacks in this year class are on the table. Undoubtedly, those four are USC’s Sam Darnold, Wyoming’s Josh Allen, Josh Rosen of UCLA and of course, Oklahoma’s own Baker Mayfield. That’s quite a handful to choose from. And if Jackson’s word are truthful, the Browns haven’t made much headway in narrowing the class.

“If there was a consensus [general manager] John [Dorsey] had come to me, he would’ve told me,” Jackson told the press. “That’s not the case.”

Interestingly enough, Cleveland owns the rights to both the No. 1 overall selection and the No. 4 selection. Obviously they won’t be picking quarterbacks with both of those picks, but Cleveland should be able to rack up some talent. But more importantly, the Browns can opt to not pick a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick. Instead, the club can choose to pick another, equally important player with the No. 1 overall pick and then take a QB 4th overall. All in all, it wouldn’t be that shocking to see the 2018 NFL draft turn out this way. However, judging by Cleveland’s dire need at the position, and the fact that they’re welcoming a new general manager this year, it wouldn’t be appalling to see them take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick.

But don’t expect Dorsey, the Browns’ new general manager, to tell you which way he’s leaning. As Jackson so brilliantly put it “When John Dorsey goes dark, he goes dark.” By the looks of it, even Cleveland’s own head coach doesn’t know what the franchise is going to do with their No. 1 overall pick.

Experts Predict 2018 NFL Draft No. 1 Pick

While online sportsbooks might not have clue as to what the Browns will do, the online NFL betting experts over at NFL.com should have some inkling. Overall, four out of five analysts have the Browns taking a quarterback with the 1st pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. Furthermore, two of those four are predicting that Cleveland will take Darnold. On the other hand, the other two are predicting that Cleveland will select Allen. And the subsequent ‘outlier’ is divining that the Browns will take running Saquon Barley, a running back out of PSU. Interestingly enough, that 5th analysis who sides with Barley is none other than Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew being the former running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This upcoming Thursday, Dorsey is expected to hold a press conference. It’s unlikely that he’ll reveal his hand. But either way, this presser will mark one week before the 2018 NFL draft will be held. Even though there are a number of quarterbacks to choose from, it’s unlikely that any of those four will make it halfway through the first round. This is because the Jets and Giants hold early selections. And since both of those teams could use a new quarterback, it’s likely that they’ll be filling that slot this year. Regardless of who the Browns select, online NFL betting players will likely avoid taking them on some 2018 parlay and picks.