2018 NFL Draft Betting Analysis: Biggest Winners of 2018

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2018 NFL Draft Betting Analysis

The NFL Draft has come and passed, well at least the first round has passed. In years past, online NLF betting players tended to not pay that much attention to the draft. After all, watching people talk for 18+ minutes just to hear Roger Goodell announce some name isn’t all that enticing. However, the 1st round of the NFL draft is an extremely important event. Moreover, the 1st round became even more important after Dak Prescott took the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs in his 1st year in the league. So, who are the biggest winners and losers of this year’s NFL Draft? And what futures predictions should teaser sports betting players make off of them? Without further ado, here is your 2018 NFL draft betting analysis.

2018 NFL Draft Betting Analysis || Biggest Winners of 2018

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had to make some eye-catching trades to make this list. And while seeing Arizona swap No. 15 for Oakland’s No. 10, the player they drafted is the real reason they’re here. Last season, the Cardinals lost Carson Palmer to injury and ultimately they lost him to retirement. While Rosen may be a rookie, he’s by far considered the most pro-ready quarterback in this year’s draft. Not only that, the Cardinals knew they needed to snag some big name athlete after missing out on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson last year. But does the addition of Rosen make the Cards an online NFL betting favorite in the West? Quite frankly, no.

Baltimore Ravens

While Joe Flacco might not enjoy seeing his team move up to take a quarterback, Flacco has to come to terms with the fact that he’s now 33-years old. Additionally, Flacco hasn’t been performing at a Tom Brady level to justify the team hanging on to him despite his age. Also, Flacco hasn’t been in his Super Bowl form for several years. So in the end, Lamar Jackson is a great option for the Ravens. Moving forward, Baltimore will stick with Flacco for now before switching to Jackson. Marty Mornhinweg, the Ravens’ OC, worked with Michael Vick in Philly. Considering Vick called Jackson a better version of himself, this is quite an interesting pairing. The AFC North still belongs to the Steelers. However, the Ravens could be a decent top sportsbook sleeper option for a division that always seems up for grabs.

Los Angeles Chargers

While the Chargers didn’t make any flashy moves like others on this list, Los Angeles did manage to snag some unbelievably high talent late in the draft. How else would you describe Los Angeles’ acquisition of Derwin James at No. 17? All in all, this gives them one of the best secondaries in the league. James will be joining a backfield that already consists of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. Needless to say, this 2018 NFL draft betting analysis is certain the Chargers will have terrific pass defense next season.

Denver Broncos

Like the Chargers, the Broncos got on this list by snagging some eye-catching talent. Well, since most teams were going after quarterbacks, Denver was able to land Bradley Chubb at No. 5. The defensive end will be a perfect fit amongst what many consider to be the best defense in pro football. However, one has to wonder, when will the Broncos address their quarterback situation? Ultimately, Denver is one good quarterback away from winning another Super Bowl.