2018 NFL Conference Picks & Expert Analysis

Posted by: Mike Davis

This online football betting weekend, sportsbook players will find out which teams will compete in this year’s Super Bowl. Naturally, players are in search for some 2018 NFL conference picks to help maximize this weekend’s action. With that in mind, let’s break down both conference championships to give bettors a helping hand.

2018 NFL Conference Picks – NFC || Vikings vs. Eagles

This weekend’s NFC Conference championship will pit the No. 2 seeded Minnesota Vikings against the No. 1 seeded Philadelphia Eagles. Subsequently, the Eagles will get home field advantage, and the NFL parlay odds are pegging them as the favorites.

Minnesota Vikings -3 (-105)             39 (-110)         -162

Philadelphia Eagles +3 (-115)           39 (-110)         +142

However, the favoritism isn’t that heavily. This suggests that this weekend’s game will come down to the wire, something we’re all hoping for. But although a thrilling contest is fun to watch, it’s not always fun to bet on. Ultimately, what NFL bettors are looking for is an easy, straightforward bet that racks in some nice winnings. Unfortunately, this weekend’s NFC title match is anything but easy to predict.

Nevertheless, you were promised 2018 NFL conference picks and that’s just what you’ll get. Firstly, it’s important to establish which team has a statistical advantage this weekend. Going off of each team’s regular season numbers, it’s pretty clear that these two match up pretty well. Specifically, the Vikings come in with a better defensive unit while the Eagles take the cake offensively.

Minnesota finished the year with the league’s No. 1 defense in points allowed as well as overall, and No. 2 against both the pass and run. Those kind of stats strike fear into the heart of the opposition, but New Orleans was able to put up 24 on the Vikings. Granted, the Eagles will be with backup Nick Foles, but they’ll have the home field advantage.

Also, it should be mentioned that the Eagles are a much better defensive unit that the Saints. In other words, don’t expect the Vikings to score a touchdown with under a minute left to play. In the end, bettors should stick with the Eagles to defend home field advantage. Philadelphia isn’t an easy place to play and there’re better odds available on the dirty birds. Likewise, online football betting players can bet under on the totals and take the Eagles to cover the spread as well.

2018 NFL Conference Picks – AFC || Jaguars vs. Patriots

No surprise here, the Patriots enter as online football betting favorites. However, there is an interesting narrative regarding this matchup that might convince bettors to bet against New England. And what kind of information could convince someone to make a 2018 NFL conference pick against the Pats? Let’s take a look at the lines before making our prediction.

Jacksonville Jaguars +8 (-106)         46 (-110)         +317

New England Patriots -8 (-114)        46 (-110)         -400

At first glance, you would have to be a fool to take Blake Bortles over Tom Brady. But then again, they said the same thing about Eli Manning, and we all know how that turned out. In the end, bettors should ask what Manning had that helped him overcome the greatest quarterback in league history. And the answer to that question is rather simple: Tom Coughlin.

Simply put, Coughlin was the man responsible for engineering Tom Brady’s only two losses in the Super Bowl. In other words, Coughlin is the only man who has been capable of outsmarting the Brady-Belichick duo on the highest stage in pro football. Luckily for the Jaguars, they just happen to have Coughlin in their front office.

But that’s not all the Jags have. Specifically, Jacksonville’s defense is amongst the best in the NFL. Which means that Brady won’t have a walk in the park. Not that TB12 is incapable of overcoming Jacksonville’s defense, but if you had a blueprint of how to beat Brady it would certainly include a strong defense as well as Tom Coughlin.

So, with all that said, which way should bettors lean? The weekend’s parlay betting tips might not agree, but the best 2018 NFL conference pick to make has to be taking the Jaguars over the Pats. The odds on the line are extremely appealing, and you’ll get bragging rights for the next few years to come.