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2018 NFL Betting Guarantees for Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2018 NFL Betting Guarantees

While most of the teaser sports betting community is getting set to bet on the 2018 World Cup, online NFL betting fans have something else on their mind. The 2018 NFL season is still a long ways off, but it’s never too early to prepare. To help bettors prepare for the upcoming season, we took a look at the best offenses from around the league. Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at some NFL betting guarantees you can back on for the upcoming season. No doubt these guarantees will help you make the best NFL betting futures predictions possible.

NFL Betting Guarantees for the Upcoming Season

  1. LA Could go All the Way

While it might be a stretch to say that a Los Angeles-based team will win this upcoming year’s Super Bowl, it’s not a stretch to say that both LA teams will enjoy plenty of success this upcoming season. The Rams are coming off a breathtaking turnaround season that saw them win the NFC West for the first time in God knows how long. Similarly, the Chargers finished 2nd in the AFC West. And although that wasn’t good enough to get them into the postseason, Los Angeles was extremely close. Moreover, both teams are poised for a deep push in the 2018 online NFL betting season. Phillip Rivers is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer. ON the other hand, everyone was pleasantly surprised with Jared Goff’s emergence last season. With great running games behind both those QBs, you can bank on both teams delivering 10-win sportsbook online seasons.

  1. Denver Could Fall to Sea-Level

The Broncos may have won the Super Bowl a couple years back, but they’re defensive unit isn’t going to be enough to pull them out of the blunder they’re headed for this upcoming season. One only needs to look at the Broncos’ depth chart to realize the problems. Case Keenum is currently listed as the starter followed by Paxton Lynch and Chad Kelly. That’s not the makings of a team headed for the Super Bowl. We’ve seen defenses lead a mediocre quarterback to a Super Bowl victory, but this isn’t the 2000 Ravens. Expect the Broncos to fall short in a division that is getting tougher every day.

  1. Can the Browns Avoid 4th place?

It seems that the Cleveland Browns are perennially the worst team in the NFL. However, that could be changing in this year’s upcoming season. While Cleveland is coming off a terrible draft performance, they could end up performing better than both Baltimore and Cincinnati. It’s almost impossible to predict a Bengals season. When you think they’re going to deliver a playoff season, they end up finishing below .500. And when you think they’re going to deliver a losing season, they surprise you by making the postseason. The Ravens on the other hand, seem to be slipping each and every season. With Joe Flacco’s best yeas behind him, you can bank on another rocky season for Baltimore this year. Granted, taking the Browns to deliver a winning record is far from being one of this lists NFL betting guarantees.