Sportsbooks Heavily Favoring Alabama in 2016’s Peach Bowl

Posted by: Mike Davis
Alabama vs Washington - 2016 Peach Bowl Odds Betting

While the sportsbook are providing more college football betting lines for this year’s bowl games than one can care to count, there are some matchups that are inarguably more important than others. This includes the 2016 Peach Bowl matchup between No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide and No. 4 Washington Huskies that is bound to be an engrossing contest. Last season’s Peach Bowl was a matchup between the 12-1 Houston Cougars and the 10-2 Florida State that concluded in a riveting 28-24 Cougars win. However, considering the playoff implications this year’s Peach Bowl has, the contest between the 13-0 Crimson Tide and 12-1 Huskies will be far more exciting.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have enjoyed a college football betting season that has been relatively worry-free. This may not be Nick Saban’s best team, but no team has truly come close to beating them all season long. Coming off an undefeated season and with close to a month’s rest, Alabama might prove to be unbeatable. Let’s see what the best sportsbooks have to say about the Crimson Tide’s chances to win yet another game this year.

NCAAF Odds – Peach Bowl – Saturday, December 31st 

Washington Huskies +14½ (-110) 54 (-110) +550
Alabama Crimson Tide -14½ (-110) 54 (-110) -800

With a 14 ½ point favorite on the spread line, it’s safe to say that the bookies are predicting an Alabama blow out. Alabama has been a college football betting favorite all season long, and unlike a majority of NFL teams, the Crimson Tide has not failed to deliver a win each and every time they’re the favorite. On New Year’s Eve, Alabama will be looking to keep the winning tradition alive. But from a statistical point of view, does the Crimson Tide have an advantage?

Even though Alabama has the better record, the Huskies look better on paper, at least on offense. As usual, the Crimson Tide has a ferocious defense, one that ranks as the best in the nation for yards allowed per play, yards allowed per game, and points allowed per possession. Additionally, Alabama has the nation’s best rushing defense, as well as the nation’s 2nd best passing defense. Alabama’s offense doesn’t rank nearly as high, but as the idiom goes; defenses win championships. If Washington wants to deliver an upset on New Year’s Eve, they are going to need their top-rated offense to deliver some highlights.

Although Washington’s offense doesn’t rank as high as Alabama’s defense, they still have one of the highest rated offenses in the nation. Heading into this game the Huskies will sport the nation’s 3rd best passing offense, 19th best rushing defense, and the 7th highest average for yards per play. This will matchup pretty well with Alabama’s foreboding defense, but it’s still uncertain whether or not it will be enough to deliver an upset. The sportsbook odds certainly don’t think so, but as is all too common in the world of college football, anything is possible. Either way, this year’s Peach Bowl is shaping up to be a thrilling affair. Perhaps not as thrilling as the Super Bowl, but it will certainly be more entertaining than last year’s