Pac 12 Predictions 2022, Best Bet, and More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Pac 12 Predictions 2022

Do you want to bet on the Pac 12 while there’s still a Pac 12 to bet on? Do you have a pretty good idea of how it’s all going to play out and want to make some real money? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at BetNow, we make it easy to bet on the college football games that you want to bet on. From the SEC to the ACC, the Big 10 to the Big 12, and everywhere else, you can find the games you want right here. These are our Pac 12 predictions 2022, the best bet, and more. 

Of course, this is probably the last time that the Pac 12 looks like the Pac 12 we know and love. By this time next year, USC, UCLA, and others could be on their way to other conferences. Until then, of course, we’ve got all of the Pac 12 betting that you want. You can find all of the games you want to bet on, all season long, at our site. 

Pac 12 Predictions 2022: The North 

The North division may not be quite as formidable as the South on paper, but it’s formidable indeed. For us at BetNow, it starts with the Ducks. Dan Lanning has a great squad coming back in his first year. The Ducks always recruit well, and this team seems to be no exception. 

Right behind them, in our rankings, we have their arch rivals the Beavers of Oregon State. They’ve had some up and down years recently (to put it mildly) but we believe that the Beavers are going to put it all together to give the North all it can stand in the race for the title. 

Washington may be right in the mix with the other two. More of a mid-level team in the North, Washington has some intriguing talent but we’re not sure exactly how they’ll be able to put it together to battle the talent at the top. Really, the same could be said of Washington State, too. These are teams that might be a player or two away, or even a year or two away. 

This year, we see Cal and Stanford bringing up the rear in the North. It’s a tough division. These teams might have better records if they didn’t have to play against the rest of these teams but for now, we’ve got them at the bottom. 

The South

Going into this coming college football season, we’ve got the Utah Utes as the champions of the South. Lincoln Riley still has the best team on paper. Yes, others have made significant improvements (more on that in a bit) but Utah is still the team to beat in the South of the Pac 12 and, really, until something else happens, the entire Pac 12. As of this writing, we’ll take the Utes to win the Pac 12 and represent the conference in the BCS. 

Right behind them, of course, and probably even better than Oregon and the rest of the North is USC. Yes, the Trojans very well may be back. Getting Addison from Pitt may be one of the biggest improvements any team has made during the college transfer portal era. That alone may be enough to return Troy to glory. 

Or, alternatively, the team that’s ready to take the big leap to return to glory and take over the Pac 12 South could play in Pasadena. Yes, Chip Kelly has UCLA having come just about all the way back. With big talent on both sides of the ball, UCLA is ready to be great again. 

The rest of the South doesn’t quite match up to the rest of the conference. Indeed, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado aren’t bad teams by any measure, but they may find it tough to compete with those above squads this year. 

Pac 12 Predictions 2022, Best Bet, and Beyond 

Well, you’ve read what we think here in august. What do you think? If you think we got it wrong (or if you think we got it right) then now is the time to get a bet down. You can always bet on college football at BetNow!