NCAAF Latest Update: Top-Six Potential Recruiting Prospects

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NCAAF Latest Update Top-Six Potential Recruiting Prospects

The college football season might be over but spring practices are continuing to take place as teams prepare for the upcoming year. A list of updates is out as some of the top players try to secure a spot on some of the big teams. Despite their available options, there is a list of players that could have an immediate impact and land a solid position. The top-six potential recruiting prospects for the upcoming season are already out and some interesting names have been rumored with leading teams.

Tommy Brockermeyer

Alabama Crimson Tide shook every other team with their incredible performance last season. The Crimson Tide had some of the top wide receivers and cornerbacks. Yet, Brockermeyer was recognized for his class tackling skills. Brackermeyer was the No. 1 five-star tackle in the class that stole the attention of many other players.

Jack Sawyer

Ohio State Buckeyes have it all as Jack Sawyer is the No. 1 ranked player overall. The defensive line coach Larry Johnson ensures to take hold of Sawyer early and he’s certainly going to continue with his amazing defensive skills. Joey Bosa, Chase Young, and Nick were all first-round draft picks for the NFL and Sawyer could possibly be the same.

Brock Vandagriff

Brock Vandagriff has been noted for his impressive performance as a quarterback. The talented player is six foot three inches and weighs around 200 pounds. Vandagriff is possibly the right candidate for the Georgia Bulldogs. With the help of Vandagriff, Georgia Bulldogs will be able to progress with their offensive skills.

Will Shipley

While many people have not noticed the potential of running back Will Shipley, he has certainly made a difference for the Clemson Tigers. Shipley has the ability, speed and technique with running. The talented player is the No. 2 running back in the class. Back in 2019, Shipley touched 2040 rushing yards with 30 solid rushing touchdowns. Additionally, he also contributed 580 receiving yards with eight TDs in total.

Ty Thompson

Ty Thompson was the No. 67 ranked recruit in the 2021 class. The Oregon Ducks found Thompson interesting and he is definitely a potential player for the Ducks. Thompson has a tough competition, but he might still stand a chance as a decent quarterback. Oregon has been focusing on their defensive end and they are sure to take in some young guns to make a strong foundation.

Garrett Nussmeier

Garrett Nussmeier is one of those crafty quarterbacks that was the No. 63 ranked recruit in the class. LSU Tigers seem to be focusing on their offensive end and they are keen on building an equally balanced defensive unit. The Tigers were one of the best teams in 2019 and they need to bring back their glory. These potential players are believed to be the top six recruits for the ncaaf betting 2021. However, each team is yet to decide on its final output on the top-six potential recruiting prospects.