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NCAA Football Update: College Football Playoff Bosses Mull Changes to Playoff Format

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NCAA Football Update College Football Playoff Bosses Mull Changes to Playoff Format

The College Football Playoff (CFP) management committee is not ruling out changes to the playoff format. This is despite continuously supporting the current four-team setup. Recently, the CFP announced that they are looking at possibilities of expanding the playoffs. This is with six to 16 teams competing for the championship. The 11-man management committee discussed more than 60 propositions, including models of six, eight, 10, 12, and 16 squads. Bringing in an expanded format in the Football Bowl Subdivision would mean more betting opportunities from this top ncaaf bookmaker for additional excitement for die-hard NCAA Football fans.

‘No possible changes until 2025’ – College Football Playoff Exec

Despite tackling the possible scenarios of an expanded playoff format, the management committee remains steadfast. This is especially in implementing the existing playoff setup. The top four football teams will square off in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision in a knockout format. According to CFP executive director Bill Hancock, any alteration in the playoff format would have to wait. It can only materialize once the current agreement between the FBS teams expires until the 2025 season. What is only possible now is to study the scenarios of setting up new formats and how it will affect the NCAA Football scene. In line with this, the CFP management committee formed a four-man working group. This will take note of all the pros and cons of expanding the FBS format. They will present the progress of their study in the management committee’s upcoming meeting this summer.

Changing the college football playoffs format is also not that easy. It will need the approval of the top officials of the NCAA football scene. The CFP is currently on the eighth year of a 12-year pact. They signed with all collegiate football teams with regards to the FBS playoffs format. The other thing is all parties involved must unanimously agree to revise the deal. This is before such changes in the format could happen. Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson feels that the expansion “would happen” and this was backed by American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco, who believes that other commissioners would vouch for their support for the plan. Colorado chancellor Philip DiStefano, for his part, wants to study the proposed measure first but he feels that the expansion is inevitable.

Current CFP Format to Remain

Hancock announced that the 2021 playoff in Indianapolis will resume better than ever a year after being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The number of fans allowed in stadiums, however, would depend on the health situation in the US as vaccinations are ongoing. The College Football Playoff executive expressed optimism that the traditional sidelights in college football, such as marching bands, cheerleaders, and mascots would make a comeback in the coming season. 


Changing the CFP format would bring more excitement to football enthusiasts and online college football betting fanatics as it will give them more chances of winning money for the props and the overall bets in place for the game. However, there are things that football leaders need to consider before making such an act. Maybe we’ll have to wait until after the 2025 season when their agreement on the playoff format expires.