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The Most Difficult Non-Conference Schedules for 2019 (SEC)

Posted by: Mike Davis
The Most Difficult Non-Conference Schedules for 2019 (SEC)

It is undeniable at this point that the SEC is the dominant conference in college football betting. It follows that taking some time to size up the most difficult non-conference schedules the SEC has to offer can pay off for NCAA sports betting fans. So below we’re taking a look at which programs have the toughest trek ahead of them for this upcoming season. The SEC is known for producing national champions and sizing up their schedules can help you better navigate the upcoming season.

SEC’s Toughest Non-Conference Schedules (2019)

No. 1 Texas A&M Aggies

Texas A&M will have to face 4 non-SEC opponents (Texas State, Clemson, Lamar and UTSA) in 2019. However, it’s really the Week 2 trip to Jimbo Fishers’ backyard that has earned them the top spot in this list. Although the Aggies gave Clemson a run for their money last season, it’s still a tough matchup nonetheless. Additionally, they will have to face the reigning champs on the road.

No. 2 LSU Tigers

Last season saw LSU rise to prominence as they proved they are not to be taken lightly in the West division of the SEC. This time around they’ll have to face Georgia Southern early in the year followed by a visit to the Longhorns in Texas. Afterwards they’ll have to travel to Northwestern State in mid-September and will host Utah State early October. If the Tigers are serious about being a threat this season, then they’ll have to prove themselves in Week 2 versus the Longhorns

No. 3 Florida Gators

The Gators kick the season off by facing Miami (Orlando) at a neutral site and have to follow that up by hosting Tennessee-Martin in early September as well. Although they’re not squaring up against Texas or Clemson, Miami is no joke either. They also have to face Towson in late September and Florida State in late November as well.

No. 4 Auburn Tigers

The Tigers will open the season by facing Oregon in Arlington Texas. This could spell trouble if they’re unable to contain Oregon’s quarterback Justin Herbert. Afterwards they’ll face Tulane in early September followed by a visit to Kent State the very next week. Lastly, the Tigers will have to host Samford in late November. All in all the matchup against Oregon is really the one Auburn has to worry about. After all, they have a bit of uncertainty at the quarterback position. But if Auburn is able to take care of business in August, they’ll be poised to become a dangerous team.

No. 5 South Carolina Gamecocks

There’s no question that the Gamecocks will be put to the test in 2019. They have to open the season facing North Carolina in Charlotte followed by a visit from Charleston Southern the following week. Later on in November, they’ll have to face Appalachian State and host Clemson. Clearly the biggest threat on this list is Clemson. But all in all, South Carolina needs a strong start to the season in order to have enough momentum to tackle Clemson. This is one contest players learning how to bet on sports should keep an eye on.