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Let’s Go Outback Saturday Night!

The college football betting season is less than a week away and that means it’s time to fire up the grill and crack open a cold one. Interestingly enough this year’s season will be kicked off by the 2016 College Football Sydney Cup. Since Australia will be hosting, this ballgame will mark the first college football game to be played Down Under since 1987. Specifically this year’s opener will be held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney where the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and the California Golden Bears will face off in front of the Aussies. The match is scheduled to start at 10 pm ET on Friday the 26th of August and some reports estimate a crowd larger than 65,000. No matter how large the audience is this game will signal the start of collegiate football and that is always something to get excited about.

This game is a bit of a celebration for both schools involved and each team arrived in Australia on Saturday the 20th of August. While their schedules are bound to get busier by the end of the week both schools have made it a point to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I don’t think we’ve had a player on our team that’s been to Australia before, it’s the first time for me too.” Sonny Dykes, Cal’s head coach, stated in a school release. “It’s a big experience for these guys. It’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

The media has been busy covering how the two schools have been spending their time in the Outback. Both schools obviously have to focus on wining a football game, but they’re holding practice in between low tides. While in Australia players and coaches will have to juggle a schedule made up of practices, meetings, and tours around the city. This includes a press conference at the Sydney Opera House, a ferry ride across the Sydney Harbour, and even a climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch was even able to make the journey to Australia to be with his alma mater California. Those who bet on sports might be envious of the player’s semi-vacation, but there’s still a football game to be played, one that will be followed by an entire season of college ball.

California may be a little more prone to relaxing than their opponent and a quick glance at their college football betting odds will reveal why. California’s odds currently sit at -1400 and compared to Hawaii’s +925 odds you can began to see why some of the Australian media is warning the Aussies to expect a blowout. The odds certainly paint that picture but NCAA football is always unpredictable and Australia will learn that on Saturday.

No matter how the game turns out fans should still tip their hats to the NCAA, Hawaii, and California for organizing such a tedious event. Bringing two schools halfway across the globe to play a sport that isn’t popular in the host country is no easy feat. Trying to televise and coordinate with so many different people is difficult enough, but finding regulation goal posts in a continent that has none is a nightmare. Either way, this Saturday, Australia – and the world, will be treated to a football game Down Under that will herald the start of the college football betting season.