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Kiffin’s Sweet Revenge

Success can have very different definitions in the world of college football betting. It can be anything from winning a few more games than the year before, making a bowl game, or even aiming to win a national championship. Goals aside, fans across the globe will agree in unison that Lane Kiffin’s troll over his former employer is a textbook definition of success.

Whether you bet on sports to escape the monotony of daily life or to simply earn a few bucks on the sport you love, you’ll still agree that its headlines like these that make all of the woes of being a sports fan worthwhile. For those out of the loop, Lane Kiffin was the head coach over at USC from 2010 to 2013. It was in 2013 that USC fired the former NFL coach, but that’s not that the headline of the story, after all coaches get fired in the NCAA all the time. No, it was the manner in which the Trojans decided to can their former coach that made the impact both in the media and Kiffin himself. Hours after leading the Trojans to a 62-41 loss against Arizona State both Kiffin and the team were ready to head back to the school and landed at the LAX. It was at this time that USC Athletics Director Pat Haden decided to fire Kiffin. Kiffin was already aboard the bus ready to go back to the school, but the Director had Kiffin pulled off the bus and into a small room inside the terminal where Haden proceeded to inform Kiffin of his firing. Kiffin had told the bus to wait for him, but USC told the bus to depart, essentially leaving Kiffin stranded at the LAX at 3:15 AM.

Kiffin eventually got a ride home and was able to land a job as USC’s offensive coordinator, but there’s no denying this moment was scorched into both his memory and the college football betting history books. It’s not too often that a prestigious school treats a coach in such a humiliating manner. But, as karma would have it, Kiffin would get his chance to avenge his LAX fiasco on the opening week of 2016. Kiffin, and the Alabama Crimson Tide, would not disappoint. The Tide opened the season by showing off exactly why they are the nation’s No. 1 team with a 52-6 triumph over the Trojans. Alabama’s offensive domination can largely be attributed to their offensive coordinator, Kiffin, and the opportunity was too ripe for Kiffin to not throw shade at his former employer. One tweet was all it took to let both the sporting and gambling community know exactly what was going on in Kiffin’s mind following the win. Whether your team won or lost this weekend, fans across the country can still enjoy Kiffin’s subtle middle-finger to his former employer.

The first quarter of the game made it seem like it would go down to the wire. USC only gave up 12 yards against the Crimson Tide and the Trojans were able to score a field goal off a fantastic catch from senior wide out Darreus Rogers. However, the Trojans hopes would not last long as a change at quarterback for Alabama ultimately spelled defeat for USC. Jalen Hurts did not start the game but his entrance in the 2nd quarter is indubitably what made a difference for the Crimson Tide. After allotting the field goal Alabama’s defense got serious and the offense was able to take it from there. Behind Kiffin’s wisdom Hurts was able to lead the Tide to a decisive 52-6 over the Trojans. After the game Kiffin could be seen gleefully greeting his former USC players. His smile could best be summed up with one phrase; I told you so.

At the end of the day Alabama proved exactly why they are the college football betting favorites across the web. Their offense had a slow start but the Crimson Tide’s fearsome defense gave them ample time to find their groove. A change at quarterback was all that was needed for Alabama to get the ball rolling. Jalen Hurts was more than impressive, especially considering that he is a true freshman quarterback. With an entire season left to play fans can expect Alabama to keep flexing their stuff.