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The Most Indispensable College Football Betting Athletes

The college football betting season is still three months away and the biggest news heading into the weekend revolves around ESPN’s release of this year’s Week 1 schedule, as well as which games would be nationally broadcast at primetime. This early look at which contest will be most watched will certainly aid bettors with their betting needs.

Latest Online College Football Betting News

More often than not, it’s the best teams in the nation that get the primetime slot. Crucial to staying atop the nation is recruiting the most indispensable players in the nation. To help sports betting players briefly learn the most essential players in the country, we’ve assembled a brief list of the nation’s hottest talent.

No. 5 – Baker Mayfield – QB – Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield has a Brett Favre-flavor to his style of play: that backyard-football instinct that can’t be coached. A brief glance of his films and it’s clear that Mayfield has the ability to make a play where there wasn’t one, or even save a botched play. But like Favre, Mayfield has his share of flaws. A forced throw here or there, a willingness to settle for a sack, like any collegiate quarterback, a handful of misreads. But Mayfield’s ability to consistently deliver 4,000+ seasons is what’s earned him the starting job for the Sooners, and the No. 5 spot on this college football betting list.

No. 4 – Christian Wilkins – DL – Clemson

Anyone who’s watched Wilkins play has to be taken back by his natural ability. Even amongst a bulked-up line like the Tigers have, Wilkins stands out for his athleticism, as well as his ability to play both inside and outside – something that’s rarely performed well. There’s no way this sportsbook list could exclude a 311 lb. lineman with this kind of ability.

No. 3 – Derwin James – DB – Florida State

Some might squirm at seeing James ranked so highly on this list, considering he’s coming off a knee injury and a season that saw him sidelined for the entire duration. However, James’ aptitude to make plays in all three-phases of the defense is what’s earned him these honors. James can hit like a linebacker, has the closing speed to be dangerous in the secondary, and knows how to rush the quarterback.

No. 2 – Saquon Barkley – RB – Penn State

Barkley is the cornerstone of Penn State’s offense, and he’s eye-catching across the board. Barkley has great size, fierce power, extraordinary vision, NFL-level footwork, and the agility, burst, and breakaway speed that makes him a homerun threat each and every time he touches the ball.

No. 1 – Lamar Jackson – QB – Louisville

Despite the late-season troubles Jackson endure last year, Louisville’s quarterback was still able to snag Heisman honors. That because Jackson put forth such an incredible performance during the start of the year that no one came close to competing with him. However, from the start of the season, all eyes will be on Jackson and it’ll be interesting to see how he responds to this challenge.