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Dukes Football Odds Pale in Comparison to Their Basketball Odds

While the Duke Blue Devils may be heavy favorites for college basketball futures, they are anything but that when it comes to NCAA Football betting. While their basketball program is feared nationwide there are few who take the Blue Devils college football program seriously. In fact the Blue Devils haven’t enjoyed too much success since the mid-60s. While they’ve never won a National Title the Blue Devils have enjoyed moderate success. That success includes 17 conference championships, 53 All-Americans, and 10 ACC Players of the Year – more than anyone else in the conference. While they’ve had a good share of talent come through the university, including three eventual pro football Hall of Famers, they’ve never enjoyed the success their basketball program has. Being overshadowed by such a successful basketball programs diminishes even the slightest of accomplishments for the Blue Devils team. Regardless of that fact the Blue Devils always try their best and last year they were able to pull one over Indiana in a 44 – 41 overtime victory. Duke will be looking to build off of their small success but the sportsbooks don’t think they can do it. Let’s check in on the odds and see what they have to say about the Blue Devil’s chances for next season.

Odds to Win ACC Championship Game

Duke +5550

Odds to Win NCAA Football National Championship

Duke +65120

The NCAA Football betting odds do a good job of reflecting the current state of affairs for the Blue Devils. Duke’s offense will have a new offensive coordinator after Scottie Montgomery departed to be the Head Coach over at East Carolina. Zac Roper is the man stepping in and he’ll have a laundry list of issues to address. First on that list is the injury sustained by Thomas Sirk early February. While Sirk is scheduled to return this fall having uncertainty at the most important position on the field is not how you want to start your first year as offensive coordinator. Recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon is never easy and the Devils have Parker Boehme on the bench in case he’s needed.

Another issue for Duke’s offense is the lack of talent at the skill position. While the Blue Devils have plenty of depth at these positions, they lack a breakout talent. Jela Duncan and Shaun Wilson are a solid set of backs, but they’re not exactly what you would consider a feature running back. Duke is hopeful that senior Anthony Nash can build on his spring success and put that 6’5” build to good use.

The Blue Devils defense is the area that needs most improving. Duke’s passing defense ranked 12th out of 15th in the ACC. There will be three starters returning as well as Bryon Fields whose season was cut short last year due to a knee injury. If Duke is looking to improve its pass defense it also needs to improve its pass rush. Duke was close to being dead last in the ACC with only 17 sacks last season. While they certainly aren’t NCAA football betting favorites, if the Devils address a few key issues they should still find some success in the upcoming season.