College Football Sportsbooks Takes A Good Look at the NCAA

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NCAA Football Betting

Those who bet on football generally agree that at the collegiate level the competition is fiercer, bloodier, and even more entertaining than its professional counterpart. Sure, the NFL might be the frontrunner in sports entertainment, but ask any college football sportsbook fan who dutifully watches both the NFL and NCAAF whether collegiate athletes compete harder than their professional doppelgangers and the answer will lean towards NCAA football players 100% of the time. The reason being that collegiate athletes are often playing for their education, and if they’re not playing sports for  a scholarship then you can bet they’re looking to make an impression on NFL scouts in order for a smooth transition into professional sports.

So, while the college football sportsbook community may be in agreement regarding which athletes try harder, there are some unsettling aspects regarding collegiate football and college sports in general. For example, unlike the NFL that handsomely pays their athletes for their sacrifices, the NCAA offers little to no compensation to students who habitually put their health on the line in order to provide entertainment, and ultimately revenue for their respective schools. Apart from scholarships, student athletes receive no financial remuneration for their services. So instead of having to pay for the services and risk the athletes are enduring, all that cash goes straight to the pockets of the school, coaches, and administrators.

Those who bet on football should know that monetary compensation isn’t the only thing that the school isn’t dishing out. Jersey sales, of which professional athletes receive a percentage, do not get shared with the students. Once again the school keeps all these funds to themselves. Additionally, the school deserves the right to use the athletes name and likeness without receiving permission (apart from the initial contract the students signed), and without dishing any royalties.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that the schools make larger profits than the NFL. They get huge TV deals, they sellout stadiums consistently, and they don’t have to pay the athletes anywhere near the kind of money the NFL does. Of course, the NCAA football betting lines don’t reflect this, but it does seem a bit unfair for athletes to gain so little for what they risk.

But this discussion is not something new and the very same argument has already been brought before the NCAA on multiple occasions. The organization’s rebuttal is simple. These are students not professionals and by definition the difference between the two is that the latter gets paid and the former does not. While that may sound nice and dandy college football sportsbook fans should easily be able to see through the guise. Greed runs rampant through our society and the NCAA is no exception. At the end of the day the organization will do all it can to protect its profits, ultimately not giving a damn about anyone other than themselves.

While some people who bet on football might consider it egregious for students to seek monetary repayment, consider the following. Earlier this week three Oregon football players were hospitalized after participating in excruciating workouts. Being sent to the hospital is no laughing matter and the news that broke later this week is even more disheartening. An offensive lineman for Northern Michigan passed away Tuesday morning after working out with his teammates. Anthony Herbert, a 20-year old sophomore, participated in workouts and then ate breakfast before returning to his dorm where he suffered a medical emergency. The details of Herbert’s death are still being unveiled, but his unceremonious passing is a stark reminder of what student athletes sacrifice for the profit of others.