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2018’s Toughest College Football Schedules Betting Analysis

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2018 College Football Schedules Betting - College Football Betting Odds

We might be in the midst of the offseason but in reality, college football betting never dies. To keep betting sportsbook players occupied in the meantime, we’ve decided to take a look at the toughest schedules of the upcoming season. No doubt a college football schedules betting analysis will help bettors make the best possible futures prediction.

Toughest Schedules for 2018’s College Football Betting Season


Jawon Pass, the man getting set to become Louisville’s starting quarterback, is unfortunate enough to begin his collegiate career against Alabama. The Crimson Tide is known for their fearsome defense. There’s no question Nick Saban’s squad will not be pulling any punches.

In addition to that scary start, the Cardinals will have to face Clemson in the first weekend of November, and they also have another playoff qualifier listed on the schedule. Scrumpled along with five other bowl teams and it’s easy to see why Louisville is kicking off our list.


Jim Harbaugh is still calling the shots for the Wolverines. The fact that he’s 1-5 versus Michigan State and Ohio State means sportsbook players have some easy predictions to make this season. On top of those two games, Michigan will also face Notre Dame and Northwestern, with both contests being on the road. They’ll be hosting Wisconsin and the reigning Fiesta Bowl champions, Penn State, as well. Needless to say, it doesn’t look good for Michigan in the 2018 college football betting season.


2011 marks the last time the LSU won one over Alabama. Until that drought changes, teaser sports betting players should feel pretty confident that LSU won’t have a chance to compete for an SEC or even national title. In other words, keep an eye out for that 2018 matchup as it could help you make some daring predictions. In addition to Bama, LSU will face Miami on a neutral field, Auburn, Florida, Georgia at home and Mississippi State as well.


The Scarlet Knights are trying to rebuild but their 2018 schedule isn’t helping out one bit. While their out of conference matchups aren’t that difficult, the teams they’ll be facing in the Big Ten rank amongst the best in the nation. The troubles start as early as Week 2, when Rutgers will travel to Ohio State. Followed by 5 games versus Kansas, Buffalo, Indiana, Illinois and Maryland. With that in mind, it’s clear that Rutgers has a rough college football schedules betting ahead of them.


Without a doubt, the Cornhuskers have quite a tough road ahead of them. In short, Nebraska has been paired up against almost all of the top dogs out of the Big Ten. This includes, Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, Iowa and even Michigan State. Oh, and they’ll only be facing one of those teams on home turf. And while Colorado and Troy aren’t the most fear-inducing programs in the country, they’re not to be taken lightly. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that Scott Frost will be making his debut at Nebraska this season.

Toughest College Football Schedules Betting Conclusion

So what can we learn from the above-listed breakdown? Simply put, one should bet against Rutgers all season long. Also, bet against Nebraska in the Big Ten and definitely put some action against the Harbaugh-led Wolverines. Not only that, LSU’s matchup against Alabama could have some lucrative payouts if bettors can make the right predictions off of its results. Lastly, the fact that the Crimson Tide don’t appear on this list means they have a very good chance of repeating. Keep that in mind as you bet on the 2018 college football season.