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Best College Football Futures Betting Options & Complete Odds

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Best College Football Futures Betting Odds

The 2019 college football betting is inching nearer every day. Naturally, NCAA sports betting fans will want to take this time to size up the landscape and determine where the best value lies this upcoming season. Now’s a great time to mulch over some futures bets to make ahead of the coming season. So to help condense the field, we’ve put together a college football futures betting guide to help you determine what the best wagers to make are. Below we’ll be taking a look at the odds to win the 2020 NCAA Football National Championship as well as what the best teams to back are.

Best College Football Futures Betting Picks to Consider

Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners are a natural pick to consider seeing as how they’ve made the college football playoffs in 3 of the last 4 years. And since they have 10 of their 11 defensive starters returning this season, it’s safe to assume that they’ll pick up right where they left off last season. Although that defense didn’t come up big when they needed it, they’ll still have a ton of experience to build off of. Last season the Sooners finished 12-2 to finish No. 1 in the Big 12. They would go on to face Alabama in the CFP Semifinals and lose 34-45.

Since the department called on Alex Grinch to take over for defensive coordinator duties, we can fully expect an improvement in Oklahoma’s defense. Specifically, we can expect to see an improvement against the run and more turnovers as well. Historically Grinch is known for his ability to rapidly turning a poor defense into a respectable one.

Putting the defense aside, the Sooners have the right man to lead the offense in Jalen Hurts. All in all, it’s no understatement to say that Hurts is right up there with the best of the quarterbacks in the nation. Additionally, Hurts is surrounded by talents on all side and shouldn’t have much trouble getting this offense going. Lastly, the Sooners don’t have the toughest schedule this upcoming season so they should be a solid pick for the playoffs.

Florida Gators

There aren’t that many teams that have a real shot at college football betting title. However, Florida is amongst that small list. And since they happen to be facing the 11th best odds to win next year’s championship, it’s clear there’s a ton of value to be had in making this prediction. Coming off a year in which they were the 26th most productive team in the nation, they could certainly make a push.

The one thing to consider when making this bet is Florida’s strength of schedule. Facing the likes of Miami, LSU, Georgia, and SU, it’s clear they have an extremely tough road ahead of them. And since 9 of the last 13 national title holders have come out of the Southeastern Conference, there’s no question the competition will be fierce. At the end of the day, if you’re looking to back a longshot then Florida is the prime selection for you.

Michigan Wolverines

Although this is a pick worth considering, it might not be your first choice. Following Urban Meyer’s departure from the Big Ten, many mobile betting players have begun to eye up Michigan. They have a great coach, a great program and a knack for consistent success. Clearly the sportsbooks believe in them, seeing as how they’re facing the 4th best odds out of the field. But like the Gators, Michigan must face one of the more dominant divisions in college football. And unlike the Sooners, Michigan does not have a lot of returning defensive talent.

Offensively it’s tough to tell what we should expect out of Michigan. After all, they’ve brought in offensive coordinator Josh Gattis. Quite frankly this seems like the type of adjustment that needs a period to properly flourish.

Team Odds to Win NCAA Football National Championship
Clemson +165
Alabama +205
Georgia +715
Ohio State +885
Oklahoma +1250
Michigan +1500
Texas +2000
Florida +2550
LSU +2600
Nebraska +3000
Notre Dame +3000
Oregon +3000
Washington +3000
Penn State +3300
Auburn +4000
Texas A&M +4000
Wisconsin +5000
Miami Florida +7000
Utah +7500
USC +8500
Florida State +10000
Virginia Tech +10000
West Virginia +10000
Iowa +12500
Stanford +15000
TCU +15000
Arizona +20000
Baylor +20000
Iowa State +20000
Michigan State +20000
Oklahoma State +20000
Tennessee +20000
UCLA +20000
South Carolina +30000
Boise State +50000
Central Florida +50000
North Carolina State +50000
Arkansas +65000
Georgia Tech +65000
North Carolina +65000
Pittsburgh +65000
FIELD +2000