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Which Coaches Need to Prove Themselves in 2016?

The college football betting season is as predictable as the weather. Yet there is no shortage of weatherman or fans eager to bet on NCAA football. With the unpredictability of the sports comes a lot of upsets as certain teams exceed their expectations. But where there’s a winners there’s also a loser and many schools often fail to perform at the expected level. When teams underperform in a certain season it becomes even more important to find success in the following year. If they fail to do so then someone (coaches in particular) is bound to lose their job. That’s the world of college football where coaches don’t have the luxury of time to turn a program around, they’ve got to come in and succeed or look for work elsewhere. With that in mind let’s take a look at coaches across the nation who desperately needs to turn things around.

Arguably the team that had the biggest letdown last year was Auburn. Heading into the season the Tigers were the 6th ranked team and were considered a college football betting favorite. On top of that they were considered serious playoff contenders and at least expected to give Alabama, their in-state rival, a challenge for the SEC West title. Head coach Gus Malzahn will be heading into his 4th year at the helm and has been unable to mimic the success he enjoyed during his breakout. In 2013 Malzahn’s hurry-up offense was able to lead Auburn to the BCS National Championship Game. Last season it was barely able to lead them to a 2 – 6 SEC record. Another let down year and the higher-ups might have to start looking for a replacement.

Al Golden is a prime example of a coaching getting fired for lack of results. Golden spent 5 years leading the Hurricanes and his lack of results ended in him getting canned. Golden is now a tight end coach for the Detroit Lions and it seems the days of him coaching college ball are behind him. Mark Richt is the man stepping in after spending 14 years at Georgia. Richt was fired last season even though he led Georgia to a10 – 3 record which is a monument to how difficult it is to retain a job as a head coach of a college football team. The Hurricanes are coming off an 8 – 5 season with a loss in the Hyundai Sun Bowl to Washington State. This new opportunity gives Richt the chance to prove himself as one of the better coaches in college ball.

Another first year coach who has a lot to prove is Will Muschamp. Muschamp was highly-respected around the nation when he was the defensive coordinator at Texas. Unfortunately his reputation has been sinking as of late. His first attempt as head coach over at Florida wasn’t too impressive. Last year he returned to Auburn and once again failed to make a positive impact, the Tigers ranked 71st in overall defense. 2016 will be a pivotal year for Muschamp and he fails to prove himself his name may fail to make another appearance in the world of college football betting.