Cardinals to Supply Online College Football Betting Upset

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2016 Citrus Bowl betting odds preview

One of the best parts of the online college football betting season is that it culminates in one of the most entertaining ways possible. The series of bowl games provide teams one final opportunity to put on the pads, take to the field in unison, and have one more memorable fight with their lifelong brothers. However, this year, some players are making headlines for their decision to not partake in their bowl games. Granted, if you’re school isn’t competing in the college football playoffs, then these bowl games only provide bragging rights to the winning side. But even so, there’s a certain amount of camaraderie that binds a football team, and seeing a player refusing to partake in a game has to kill that sense of brotherhood. But at the end of the day, sportsbook fans know collegiate athletes don’t get paid, and risking your health and ultimately your livelihood for a couple of college snaps doesn’t make much sense.

Of course, having one of your best players sit out will without a doubt affect your odds on college football betting lines. Unfortunately for LSU, the Tigers will have to contend in this year’s Citrus Bowl without their star running back Leonard Fournette. Without Fournette in the lineup, let’s see what kind of odds most sportsbooks are giving the Tigers in this year’s Citrus Bowl.

NCAAF Odds – Citrus Bowl – Saturday, December 31st 

LSU Tigers -3 (-120) 60 (-110) -165
Louisville Cardinals +3 (EV) 60 (-110) +145

Despite the fact that LSU is coming in at 7-4 while Louisville is coming in at 9-3, the online college football betting odds have still decided to favor the Tigers in the Citrus Bowl. Many NCAA fans felt that the Tigers should have competed in this year’s college football playoffs, and it would appear that the odds agree. LSU certainly has their fair share of NFL-caliber talent, but at 7-4 LSU hasn’t been able to translate that talent into success. But 2016 hasn’t been a failure and the Tigers were able to overcome an early season coaching change as problems at the quarterback position to secure a high-ranking bowl game. However, considering the potential on both sides of the ball, and the expectations at the start of the season, if the Tigers fail to win the Citrus Bowol and fall to 7-5 it will be impossible not to consider the 2016 a disappointment.

Like LSU, Louisville also came into the season with college football playoff expectations. The sportsbooks weren’t convinced of the Cardinals’ impending success, but Louisville’s fan base certainly was. Even though they weren’t able to accomplish that goal, the Cardinals season hasn’t been a complete failure. And unlike LSU, the Cardinals will be competing in the Citrus Bowl with their best star, Lamar Jackson – you know the guy who won the Heisman this year. With a Heisman winner under center, and their opponent’s best player refusing to participate, the Cardinals have a very good chance of delivering an online college football betting upset at the Citrus Bowl.