Can Clemson Avenge Their 2015 CFP Loss?

Posted by: Mike Davis
NCAA Odds – Fiesta Bowl – College Football Playoffs – Saturday, December 31st

Even though the Clemson Tigers aren’t entering this year’s college football playoffs as the No. 1 seed, the way they entered at the end of the 2015 NCAA football betting season, they are still on track to avenge their loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide. As football sportsbook fans will remember, last year’s college football playoffs concluded with No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide facing off against No. 1 Clemson in a thrilling contest that concluded 45-40 in Alabama’s favor. But now the Tigers have clawed their way back into the NCAA football postseason and are poised to avenge the heartfelt loss they suffered earlier this year in January. But first the Tigers need to face off against an arguably tougher opponent, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Judging by what the football betting odds have to say about this contest, this matchup might prove more thrilling than last year’s title game.

NCAA Odds – Fiesta Bowl – College Football Playoffs – Saturday, December 31st

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Ohio State Buckeyes -3 (-120) 60½ (-110) -158
Clemson Tigers +3 (EV) 60½ (-110) +138

Despite the fact that Clemson is ranked higher than the Buckeyes and are coming in with one more win on their record, the NCAA football betting lines are still backing the Buckeyes in this contest. It might not be by much, but at the end of the day it’s clear that the odds are predicting a Buckeyes win. However, with a 60 ½ point prediction on the totals line, the odds are predicting a thrilling shootout. Also, with a 3-point prediction on the spread line, even the odds know that it would be foolish to rule out Deshaun Watson and the Tigers.

Since the college football playoffs were introduced so recently, this year’s championship will be the third to be held. Interestingly enough, the first leg of this year’s tournament will be a contest between the winner of the first ever College Football Playoff championship, the Buckeyes, and the runner-up of the 2nd College Football Playoff championship. Some NCAA football betting fans are critical of college football being too predictable, and both the 2016 season and this matchup prove that sentiment. But just because it’s easily foreseeable doesn’t mean that this matchup won’t be entertaining and profitable. After all, this will be a matchup between two of the nation’s best quarterbacks, two rowdy defenses, and two coaches who know what they’re doing. It’s a matchup we all expected, but one we’re all dying to see.

The odds say that Ohio State has the advantage and the consensus around the nation is the same. Ultimately, whoever makes fewer mistakes on Sunday will end up winning this contest.