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Best Deep Threats across the Nation

Sportsbook odds are usually good indications of how a game will turnout, but they are not always correct. The uncertainty is ultimately what makes it worthwhile, the thrill of possibly losing and then coming away with a win at the last second. Crucial to late game victories, at least in football, is having a deep threat. When the final seconds of a game are ticking away teams have to be able to move the ball across the field (and hopefully into the end zone) as fast as possible. The easiest way to do this is with the classic ‘Hail Mary’ with the quarterback tossing the pigskin as high and far as possible and hoping that it’s his receiver that comes away with it. These types of ending are by far the most entertaining and can help teams come away with the game at the last second. So, with the game on the line, which collegiate receivers are your best option for the deep ball?

Jehu Chesson, Michigan Wolverines

Chesson has been a contributing part of Michigan’s offense since he first joined the school three years ago, but there’s no denying that 2015 was his breakout year. An important part about winning a deep ball is having leverage over the defensive back covering you and Chesson has more than enough at 6’3”. Chesson’s height certainly helps him out but his speed is what separates him from both defenses and other receivers in the NCAA. Without Chesson Michigan would be ranked much lower in online sportsbooks.

Gabe Marks, Washington State

While Marks isn’t as tall as the other names on the list he is still just as capable of winning a football game with the final seconds counting down. In his junior year the receiver finished the season with over 100 catches, more than 1,100 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns. While he doesn’t create the same separation as some of the best receivers in the NCAA, his ability to both high-point and go after the ball earned him a spot on this list.

Corey Davis, Western Michigan

While Davis is feared mostly for his ability to break tackles once he’s already got the ball in his hands, he is still more than capable of burning single coverage. Late in the game the 6’2” Davis is arguably the most reliable receiver in the game. Currently leading the nation in receiving yards among active players, Davis knows how to use his quickness and great route running skills to always the find the open space. Had Davis entered last year’s draft there isn’t a sportsbook in the world that wouldn’t have projected him to be a first rounder.

James Washington, Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State has gotten a nasty reputation around the nation for producing outstanding wideouts. James Washington is their latest addition and he joins the likes of Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon. In 2015 Washington amassed 1.087 yards and led the nation in big plays with 4 catches over 70 yards, and that was just in his sophomore year. While Oklahoma State may not be NCAA football betting favorites, their passing game are favorites to produce some of the best highlights for this coming up season.