Best College Football Recruits To Keep an Eye on in 2018

Posted by: Sebastian Morera
Best College Football Recruits for 2018 Betting Season

Success in the world of college football doesn’t just hinge on your ability to coach a team up, it’s also very dependent on your ability to bring in new talent. Granted this is true in every sports league, but the process of bringing in new players is accelerated in collegiate sports for obvious reasons. So as we prepare for the upcoming NCAA football betting season, bettors will undoubtedly want to know who’s brought in the best college football recruits. Or rather, which new players are bound to have the biggest impact? Below you will get your NCAA teaser betting answer.

Best College Football Recruits To Be Aware Of

JT Daniels || QB || USC

Daniels made some splashes when he skipped his entire senior season in order to enroll with the Trojans. Now, entering as a true freshman, Daniels is hopeful that he can meet every one of his expectations. And since Sam Darnold has looked rather weak at spring practice, there’s no doubt USC is hoping Daniels meets those expectations as well. All in all the freshman delivered 12,000 passing yards in high school, so he has some undeniable talent. Ultimately the program could be turning to him from day 1.

Pat Surtain || CB || Alabama

Some fans are hesitant to see a freshman enter the rotation from the get go. However, when it comes to Surtain, no one should be questioning his presence on the field. Without a doubt, Surtain is more prepared for college ball than any other player in the country. The son of a previous All-Pro cornerback, Surtain has been prepping for this since before he could walk. But tips isn’t the only thing Surtain got from his father as his brilliant speed size and knack for the football can all be attributed to some great genetics. Now he joins a national championship team ready for some more titles.

Justin Shorter || WR || Penn State

Justin’s last name doesn’t do him any justice considering he cowers at 6’4”, 220 pounds. And considering the talent the Nittany Lions have at receiver, you know full well Shorter is something special if he’s on this list. In short, Shorter isn’t coming aboard to fill some gaping holes but rather to put this receiving corps over the top. With a 4.5s 40, his speed will be making an impact from the first game of the season onward.  No doubt Heisman candidate Trace McSorley is thrilled about being able to throw to Shorter this season. This is one of the best college football betting recruits sportsbook betting players will want to keep an eye out for.

Emmit Gooden || DL || Tennessee

The Volunteers have brought on Jeremy Pruitt to lead this team in 2018. From what we’ve seen, Pruitt is hoping to bulk this team up into a more dominant force. Gooden fits that bill at 6’4”, 305 pounds. Coming from a junior college, sportsbook bettors can expect Gooden to bring plenty of experience to the position.