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Best College Football Betting Playoff Picks & Sleepers

Posted by: Mike Davis

The college football betting season is right around the corner. But the college football playoffs are still a long ways away. However, looking ahead to how this season will culminate is one of the most entertaining things NCAA sportsbook fans can do around this time of the year.

Online sports betting fans may not want to think about the playoffs until they roll around in 6 months, but that isn’t stopping the best sports betting sites from rolling out some futures odds for this year’s playoff scene.

Four teams will qualify for the NCAA postseason, and if you were to go around the country asking college football betting fans who they thought would qualify for the playoffs, it’s very likely that you would get the following four teams: Alabama, Florida State, USC and Ohio State – and it’s very likely that they would give them to you in that order.

So, let’s take a look at the odds those aforementioned teams are facing this year.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Odds to Win National Title: +250 Odds to Win SEC: –150

Florida State Seminoles

Odds to Win National Title: +980 Odds to Win ACC: +120

USC Trojans

Odds to Win National Title: +830 Odds to Win Pac 12: +115

Ohio State Buckeyes

Odds to Win National Title: +830 Odds to Win Big Ten: +130

These are this year’s favorites to make the college football betting playoffs, and they are the teams who will draw the most amount of action, leading up to this year’s season. However, not everyone likes to bet on favorites. Some sportsbook players prefer to bet on sleepers, teams who could potentially make the playoffs, but most people feel like they won’t. Let’s take a look at some of the best ‘long shots’ bets ahead of this year’s season.


As things currently stand, few would argue that the Wolverines stand a better shot of making the college football playoffs than the reigning champions, the Clemson Tigers. Which is saying something, considering that Michigan has some of the least-experienced players in the entire FBS. This might lead some players to believe that a bet on Michigan would be a waste, especially when considering how stacked the Big 10 is this year.

However, some feel that Jim Harbaugh can use the ‘Year 3 Jump’ to propel this team to the playoffs. It’s certainly one of the most appealing bets available.


The Gators will face the Wolverines in Week 1, and it’s one game fans won’t want to miss. Florida is facing similar odds as the SEC East favorites Georgia, which tells you something about the level of talent this program is currently sporting. Talent wise, the Gators aren’t all that far behind Auburn and Clemson. Throw in the fact that they’ll be dodging Alabama and Auburn during the regular season, and fans might have just stumbled upon one of the best college football bets available ahead of this year’s season.