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Alabama no more quarterback Blake Barnett’s sweet home

Freshman QB Blake Barnett has left the University of Alabama football program – better known as the Alabama Crimson Tide. Better known as the team that currently ranks no. 1 in the Associated Press and Coaches’ Polls. And which has a 4-0 regular season record (1-0 in SEC play). Also known as the defending, reigning Consensus national champion, CFP national champion, SEC champion, SEC West Division champion, and Cotton Bowl champion. And an overall favorite of most people betting on college football. Which begs the question, what is Blake Barnett thinking? Is he skipping town because he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit? Do we need to call My Cousin Vinny?

Alabama head coach Nick Saban had a few comments on Barnett’s reported decision to transfer to a junior college. He said he hopes young Barnett will remember a Southern man don’t need him around anyhow. Or words to that effect. More specifically, that his own father “would have kicked me out of the house” if he quit the team midseason. Also in a very dad-like fashion, Saban said he’s not mad; he’s “disappointed” in the transfer. Some people, for example Steven Ruiz over at FTW – which stands for For the Win, and is not related to Taz’s FTW Heavyweight Championship –, have called bulls*** on Saban’s comments. After all, he did quit the Miami Dolphins in 2007 when he still had three years left on his contract. Glass houses, Nick. Glass houses.

In any case, what fans betting on college football over at football betting sites is how this will affect the Tide’s chances. As Ruiz also pointed out, Barnett’s transfer will do little or nothing to derail ‘Bama’s gravy train. Barnett started under center in UA’s season opening 52-6 win over the USC Trojans and threw 5 of 6 for 100 passing yards with one TD, and rushed minus 10 yards on four carries. On the same day, then-second tier QB Jalen Hurts finished 6 of 11 for 118 yards with two TDs and one interception, and ran for 32 yards on 9 carries for another two scores. Barnett would play in another two games, but the starting QB spot went to Hurts on a permanent basis. Hurts, don’t it?

All things considered, Alabama fans betting college should not worry about Barnett taking his ball and going home. Which is also good news for redshirt junior Cooper Bateman, who is now the clear second-string QB on the depth chart. Saban wished his former signal-caller the best of luck – which could also be construed as a mendacious comment, though former director of college scouting for the Chicago Bears and a 30-year veteran in pro personnel Greg Gabriel did say that the transfer would come back to haunt Barnett, even if the former five-star recruit becomes a star wherever he ends up. “If he becomes (an NFL) prospect, then it becomes a red flag that needs to be answered. To me it’s a red flag on his football character and his personal character. They are two separate things,” Gabriel said.