3 Sports Wagering Reasons Bama Will Make Title Match Again

Posted by: Mike Davis
Alabama betting favorites to win 2017 Season

The start of the college football sports wagering season is in sight. So much so, that players are beginning to look over this year’s NCAA College football future odds. The season is still a couple of months away but that isn’t stopping the odds-makers from putting their full weight behind Alabama.

Despite losing last year’s title match, the odds believe that Alabama will be the team to go all the way this season. The Crimson Tide are facing the best odds of the lot, with a +345 on the money line. Clemson, who come into this season as the reigning champions, are facing pretty staggering NCAA College football future odds at +3550, and that has a lot to do with Deshaun Watson’s departure.

Interestingly enough, three different programs have tied for the second best odds behind Alabama. The odds on college football games have Florida State, Ohio State, and USC all pegged at +830 odds. But amongst this competition, the Crimson Tide appears to be the clear favorite to win next year’s title. Here’s 3 reasons why.

No. 1– Alabama’s Claim on the SEC

Over the last three years, Nick Saban’s program has only conceded three losses against an SEC opponent. The only other team to display that type of dominance within their respective conference/division are the New England Patriots, the perennial leaders of the AFC East. In both cases, each team’s dominance can be attributed to two factors: the dominance of the franchise/program and the lack of competition from their peers.

The AFC East has a reputation for not being able to challenge the Patriots. The SEC is also starting to fall into that category. Last season the conference offered little to no competition for the Crimson Tide and in 2017, the SEC could end up taking an even bigger step back.

This upcoming season, the Tide will have to contend against Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee and LSU all from the comfort of their own home. Tennessee is arguably the toughest of that selection, and they’ll have to contend without some key personnel.

On the road, Alabama will face Texas A&M as well as Auburn. Texas is the bigger threat here but like Tennessee, they’ll be without some key starters.

Other than that, there’s really no one to upend Alabama.

No. 2 –  A Winners’ Streak

The Crimson Tide are the ONLY team in the nation to have made the college football players every year since its inception back in 2014. It’s not the longest of streaks, but they are the only one to have accomplished it. Accounting for Nick Saban’s insatiable hunger for college football success, both NCAA College football future odds and players should feel comfortable with Alabama’s playoff chances.

No. 3 – A Terrifying Defense, A Fearsome Running Game

There’s not much to elaborate about when it comes to Bama’s defense. After all, the Crimson Tide’s defense has been the best in the nation for quite some time now. And even though Deshaun Watson carved them up in last year’s title game, bettors can expect a revamped, reenergized squad when the season starts.

Offensively, the Tide may not have a quarterback but they do have Bo Scarbrough. Scarborough’s presence leads many to believe that Alabama will have the best running game in the nation. Yikes.