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3 Can’t Miss Matchups in 2017’s Football Sportsbook Season

It’ll be three months before we can hit up college football sportsbooks for some collegiate gambling. But once the regular season does roll around, it’ll certainly help players to know which contests are an absolute can’t-miss. Players who bet on college football games might have different ideas about what constitutes a ‘can’t-miss’ matchup, but for this list we aim to look at the contests that could prove to be pivot points for a team’s season. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean a program’s most important game of the season, or the biggest clash between rivals, but rather contests that represent a crucial point in a school’s schedule. For added clarification, think back to Texas’ loss to Cal early in last year’s season. That defeat foretold of greater hardships for Texas’ program. So, knowing which games will have this divination ability to them can help bettors turn next year’s betting season into a success.

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Obviously, bettors will leap on anything that can help up their winnings. But putting aside the potential betting benefits, taking the time out of the day to memorize a few key matchups will at the very least help the time pass until the start of next year’s season.

No. 3 – September 9th – Oklahoma vs. Ohio State

Crucial Game for; Oklahoma, the Big 12 and Ohio State

The Big 12 hasn’t had the postseason presence the conference was hoping for these last couple of years. To help change that, the conference’s top-dogs will have to win some key college football sportsbook matchups, like the one listed above. Oklahoma won the Big 12 last season, but got manhandled by both Ohio State and Houston in out-of-conference matchups. In this contest, the Sooners will have an opportunity to avenge last season’s loss, as well as place the Big 12 in favorable lighting. For Ohio State, it presents an early-season opportunity to shake off last season’s shutout in the Fiesta Bowl.

No. 2 – September 9th – Georgia vs. Notre Dame

Crucial Game for: Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish will open up the season against Temple, giving Notre Dame a perfect sports wagering opportunity to figure out their new offense. Afterwards, Notre Dame will have to square off against a much better opponent. How the Irish perform in this contest will indubitably determine the program’s tempo for the rest of the season. They can either leave last season’s abysmal 4-8 season behind them by beating the Bulldogs – or at least remaining in the contest, or suffer a collapse and a subsequent blowout. An upset over Georgia will ignite a fire under Notre Dame that might take them to newfound heights. But suffering a blowout will invariably give way to another disappointing season.

No. 1 – October 14th – Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas)

Crucial Game for: Texas

Of the two, Oklahoma has been a much better program recently. However, this rivalry always brings the best out of Texas, especially on the gridiron. The last 4 games have been extremely competitive, with each team winning 2 a pop. If Texas can find some early-season success to ride into this matchup, the Longhorns should at the very least remain competitive.