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2019’s Toughest College Football Schedules

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When making college football betting futures predictions, one of the most important metrics you should check out is the strength of schedule. Strength of schedule refers to how strong a team’s competition is throughout their season. Oftentimes bettors don’t pay enough attention to this metric but it is of utmost importance. Not only because you can gauge a team’s upcoming success depending on who they’re facing, but also because you need to beat tough opponents in order to get into the college football playoffs. While sports betting fans might argue with the first point, there’s no question the second is irrefutable. Below we’ll be taking a look at which teams have the toughest schedules ahead of them.

2019’s Toughest College Football Schedules

No. 1 | South Carolina Gamecocks

This is an easy spot to fill. After all, the three teams facing the best odds to win next year’s national championship are Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. And since the Gamecocks face all three next season, it’s clear they have the toughest schedule in the nation. Fortunately they at least get to play host to the Crimson Tide and the Tigers, but even that might not be enough. The contest versus Georgia will be a divisional road contest that is nestled between two tough games with Kentucky and Florida. Additionally, they will have to face SEC East opponents Missouri and Tennessee on the road. Lastly, they have a tough contest against the Sun Belt Conference champs Appalachian State in late November.

No. 2 | Stanford Cardinal

The Cardinal are infamous for facing tough schedules each season. This time around, they’re taking it to dangerous heights by playing 11 games versus Power 5 conference opponents. This includes non-conference matchups against Big Ten West Champion Northwestern and Notre Dame – who managed to make the playoffs last season. They also have to face UCF, who have yet to lose a regular season game since 2016.

No. 3 | USC Trojans

USC will kick off their season by hosting Fresno State, who is coming off their most successful season in their program’s history. The following week the Trojans are forced to face BYU on the road, the first of two non-conference road games. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have to travel to South Bend, where they’ve been winless since 2011. All this leads to a contest against Pac-12 South favorites Utah. But there’s more, they also have to face defending conference champ Washington away, 2019 Pac-12 favorite Oregon at home and California in Berkley as well.

No. 4 | Auburn Tigers

The fact that Auburn doesn’t play a single home game in the month of October is enough college football betting reason to peg them at No. 4 on this list. In that month, they’ll have to face Florida, Arkansas and LSU on the road. Granted the Razorbacks don’t look like the toughest team in the nation, but that contest is in arguably the most difficult stretch of any team’s calendar.

No. 5 | LSU Tigers

All in all, the Tigers might have the toughest non-conference schedule in the nation. They have to open the season against Georgia Southern, who are coming off a 10-win season. The following week they will have to visit Texas for a tough contest against the Longhorns. Then they’ll have to open October by hosting Utah State who are coming off a great season themselves.

Lastly, they also have a tough run in the SEC West. They have to face the likes of Mississippi State, Alabama and Ole Miss all within in a month. Mobile betting players know this is a tall order.