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What is the Safest Bet Ahead of the 2018-19 NCAA Basketball Season?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Text Read Safest Bet Ahead of the 2018-19 NCAA Basketball Season

Right now the NCAA basketball betting odds have Duke and Kentucky pegged as the most likely candidates to win the 2019 NCAA Tournament. However, most basketball sports betting fans are throwing Kansas into that mix, if not ahead of those two. The bottom line is this, as of this moment there is no concurrence as to who is the No. 1 team in the nation. In fact, in a recent survey of 100 college basketball coaches conducted by CBS Sports, no program received more than 40% backing. With that in mind, let’s mulch over these survey results in order to determine which team is the safest bet ahead of the 2018-19  NCAA basketball season.

CBS Sports Survey || Who will be the best team in the nation?

  • Kansas: 38%
  • Kentucky: 18%
  • Duke: 15%
  • Gonzaga: 11%
  • Tennessee: 9%
  • Virginia: 5%
  • Nevada: 2%
  • Villanova: 2%

The results make it clear that, as far as the 100 quizzed coaches are concerned, there are 2 possible, or perhaps sensible, responses to the question: Kansas and Kentucky. Clearly Kansas got the bigger following and for several reasons. The most important of which could be their brimming talent. However, since the NCAA basketball betting odds out on Kansas at the moment make them a rather appealing pre-tournament prediction. One that is bound to rake in its share of online betting bragging rights as well.

Kansas Jayhawks: Safest Bet ahead of the 2018-19 NCAA Basketball Season?

Although they’re not currently the odds-on favorites to take the year by storm, Kansas has all the makings of a championship team. For starters they have one of the most recognizable Hall of Fame coaches calling the shots. On top of that they also have future NBA stars that have proven themselves at the necessary level. Backed by 5-star freshmen and some eye-catching talent coming off the bench, and it’s looking like the Jayhawks could be one of the safest bets ahead of the upcoming season.

The aforementioned brimming talent consists of 5 stars who have already netted over 12.0 points per game at the highest collegiate level. The general consensus is that Dedric Lawson is the jewel of the bunch. Which is not surprising considering that he stands at a cowering 6’9” and was putting up 19.2 points and 9.9 rebounds per game two years ago when he was with Memphis. Without a doubt, Lawson will be one of the most likely candidates to take home the Big 12 Player of the Year award. And because of that, the Jayhawks should find themselves in a very likely position to claim another NCAA Title.

Second Best Option: Duke or Kentucky?

By the looks of it, Kentucky should be in the running for another national title. They have yet another freshman class filled with coveted 5-star talent. But there’s one thing in particular that stands out about this team. It’s the fact that they have three non-freshmen who have already put up more than 9.0 points per outing. While that might not be the most eye-catching stat, it becomes more significant when considering that the last time John C. had 3 non-freshmen averaging the aforementioned figure, the Wildcats ended up becoming national champions.

Duke, on the other hand, might have more talent than any other team on this list. However, since most of that talent is unproven, and since they don’t have even one player returning who has never averaged 13 minutes or 4 points in college basketball, it might be a bit soon to jump on the Blue Devils bandwagon. As far as history is concerned, no team has ever won a title with that type of makeup.